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ONS-Ahebban (Screens, Info, & Download Inside)

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    ONS-Ahebban (Screens, Info, & Download Inside)

    Name: ONS-Ahebban

    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: ECE Vehicle pack required in order to run this map

    Description: Ahebban is an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning "To wage war" and when ware is waged in this medieval landscape only the most courageous of warriors will be victorious.

    Ahebban has castles as bases with 2 close first nodes. Some nodes are in caves that are linked, but can be attacked from above, up front or via a mystical cave. There is a central node surrounded by a Stonehenge which makes for some interesting fighting. Default nodesetup lends itself for fierce battles and stunning turnovers.

    The map has been thoroughly play tested with 32 players and all know bugs removed, tweaks implemented. We love it so much that we think it would hold its own in a MSU contest. And we know you'll love it too.

    Comments: Made by Titan regular Danny "Zoo" Blyth, this map went final last week and proved to be one of the favorites through the beta fase. Props to Zoo for making this stunning beauty and the Titan regulars for the tips, suggestions and beta testing.


    Credits: All the Titan Admins and T32 regulars for beta testing this map. And Zoo of course for giving us a new toy to play with.


    Download: (5.4mb)
    Mirror 1 (Unreal Playground) Sign-Up Required
    Mirror 2 (Nali City)
    Mirror 3 (Celtic WarLordz)
    Mirror 4 (Mapraider)
    Mirror 5 (
    Mirror 6 (PCgamemods)

    I was just about to play this ... :up: :up:

    Looks like this is meant for Epic battles ... very nice screens.


      looks awsome



        It is indeed very good. I was playing it tonight when the screenies were being taken

        I'm the dead one who's also been run over


          A very good ONS map ... plently of room for Banshees! :up:

          Lots of fun and great frames ... and it looks pretty cool ... especially the caves and bots are not dummies. They can actually drive into and out of the caverns ... very GJ! :up:


            Originally posted by Anooban
            A very good ONS map ... plently of room for Banshees
            Who let that **** in here.?

            Good map with decent gameplay and no Halo **** insite.


              really Beautiful map !

              one of Amazing looking map again thank you ! :heart: :up:


                I don't mind Anuban playing with Banshees, as long as they don't end up in MY instant action ONS games!:up:

                EDIT: Wha-?!?!?!!!!11111!!! Othello stole my Banshee in Torlan!!!!!1111 n00b!!!!!



                  DownLoading! :alien::up:



                    Here are some ScreenShots:


                      I see that screenshot thread has gotten you hooked, eviL

                      Very good map and interesting themes... Battle of Ages, thanks Fusi√łN


                        {OT}: Klasnic! Plz go here: My model with no skin. I need you for this!

                        ONS-Ahebann-> wow! top 5 ons list for me!


                          Originally posted by FlakDino454
                          {OT}: Klasnic! Plz go here: My model with no skin. I need you for this!

                          ONS-Ahebann-> wow! top 5 ons list for me!
                          Saw it FD and good luck with it. My PC's broken though so I can't do it and I'm giving up skinning in June. Any stuff I do beforehand is listed on my site.


                          Now back to topic


                            This is a truly great map - it normally takes me a while for a new map to gel with me but this one from the minute it fired up is up there with my faves - Zoo has done a superb job. :up: :up:


                              Some more, hi-res screens for the fans. This map deserves it. :up: