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AS-TheGuardia(2005) Released

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    AS-TheGuardia(2005) Released

    Name: The Guardia (2005)

    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: UT2k4

    Description: This is my particular remake of the original AS-Guardia map that came with the first UnrealTournament. This version is similar to the original map, it has the same layout and there are no major changes in the map structure or objectives. However, this is NOT an attempt to recreate exactly the original map. I have added some changes in the decoration, architecture and lighting.

    Comments: As-Guardia was a special map for me in UT99, it was fast, addicting and i liked it a lot when playing online. I wanted to create some little AS map for UT2k4 without any vehicles or long-range scenarios, and finally i though of creating this remake.

    The .zip file contains other extras like a new Gametype called "Classic Assault" which is same as UT2k4 assault except that you don't have to wait several seconds in order to respawn. It has also a little screenshot gallery comparing the original map and this remake.


    Credits: EPIC, for creating UT99 and UT2k4.
    The original UT99 map was created by Cliff Bleszinsky.
    The music was an original track of UT99, but i haven't discovered who created it.

    Thanks to Homeslice and KaMi for giving their opinion about the first BETA map.

    I did the map from scratch, so this is not a direct port/conversion.
    The map has been constructed using the default content of UT2k4.

    Homepage: My UT2k4 site

    Download: << AS-TheGuardia(2005) >>

    Maybe the 100 shield and keg are too much, but it looks like fun.


      looks very good. i will check this one out in the morning when i wake up again :up:



        OwnLoading, will check it later


          were the keg and shield there in teh original? I don't remember it's been so long -_-


            Originally posted by Riktar
            were the keg and shield there in teh original? I don't remember it's been so long -_-
            Yes in the original there were the ShieldBelt and the 100 Health. I 'replaced' the shieldbelt with the 100 armor. All the health pickups are in same place.

            The only additoin is that i have added also some 50 shield for making the battles a bit more larger, as in the UT99 the carnage was quite fast




                Originally posted by Duffman
                Didn't think bumping was allowed in the Finished&Released section... :weird:

                If it is, then it's surely a good choice! (Assault RULES) :up:


                  Tested it...

                  A Problem:

                  This Map Owns!


                    Here are some

                    More ScreenShots


                      WOW, even

                      More ScreenShots:



                        And the Biggest Problem:

                        I got up here without cheating!

                        Here's a Demo

                        You get Stuck easily here:


                          Well, reading this lasts posts... looks like you have really tested the map

                          I was not aware about the "lava bug"... and i was also not concerned about climbing up to the ceiling in the Entrance of the map.
                          However, the possibility of going in the edges of the 'Lava Bridge' is intended. I decided to put it that way... it can help attackers to "snipe" (or we can call it to hide also) so the defenders have to be aware if there's somebody there.

                          Well, I hope everybody likes the map



                            and wow, it plays fast, at least the frist time, its like, whoa, what happened. Finillay I recognized it. Didn't really play UT AS much.
                            Looks to be a winner. Thanks for your time and effort.:up: Especially thanks for having bot support.:heart:


                              nice:up: going to check that one out