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CTF-CampersIsle Realesed!

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    CTF-CampersIsle Realesed!

    Name: CTF-CampersIsle

    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: UT2004

    Description: When the weapon in your hand is the only thing to protect you, dont let
    the isle fool you into looking on other things than your enemies!


    More Pics:

    Credits: Me!

    Comments: Thanks to Slainchild, Lecter, MeanyMortal, HortonsWho, iknowjohnny and Gravesanth for
    the good feedback on the beta realeses!

    Note: You will need the ECE Bonus Pack to play the map!

    Download: Here!

    looking good mate, custom skybox looks the business but if only a bird emitter or something was in there that would really put the icing on the cake.

    Bases look good from screens, but can't see much more will download and let you know how i got on.



      Decent map.
      The exploding barrels caught me off guard at first, but them coupled with the wood sniper covers make for some fun and interesting defending.


        DLing :up: , it looks nice


          Looks Cool, DownLoading...


            this is pretty nice.

            the terrain is done nicely, the water is also nice (although i miss the small waves breaking on shore like in ONS-IslandHop). the biggest visual problem i see is that the static meshes look like they are made with bsp, i would suggest you learn max or maya, the logs, big wooden stakes and everything would have looked alot better.:up:


              very nice, look's very good, and look's like it could play well on a server.. Only thing I dont like about it is the weapon placement... and the sniper rifle instead of a lightning gun. :cry:

              But :up: :up:


                Very nice

                I shall give this one a try..



                  nice skybox, exploding barrels, water, terrain, palm trees and bases, unfortunately, you should have paid more attention to the edges of the map where we get serious Homs and BSP holes and whatever else you can think of (good luck getting the rocket launcher); my bots can defend, but the bots seem a bit easy.



                    who are you giving feedback to?

                    user MMV
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                    05-27-2005 11:35 AM

                    the map creator hasnt been on the forums here for over 7 years now!


                      I'm only bumping threads where all the links are dead as per the solution some seemed to have agreed to in this thread:

                      I'm posting my review of the map and any working links; this particular map seems to only have one working link. These reviews and links are for anyone interested and not just for the map authors.