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    PM him simply.


      !!! Downloading now!

      Oh and nice music


        Yes, I'm here.
        And yes, there will be an updated DM version of Yro. I'm currently creating new Static Meshes. About 50 new pieces are already in the map, but there will be more. After that, I will jump into Photoshop and redo almost all textures. But I'm not mapping very often at the moment. So do not expect to see DM-Yro2 before winter.
        A CTF version of Yro? Hmm, don't know what I do after DM-Yro2. Maybe a CTF version or a totally new map. Not sure about that.


          Bots always stuck at this spot ...

          is only me ? or someone have same problem too?

          when play as CTF it very fast and fun too :up:


            Originally posted by Monkey_Reloaded
            Argghhh No color in liiiggghhtttttt....... :sulk: :sulk: :sulk: :sulk: :bulb: :noob:
            Yeah I know... this has got to be one of the strangest looking maps I've ever seen, just going by the sshots. I like it though, it's got kind of a Kubricky feel to it.


            *edit* BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! @ music. That just owns.

            And yeah, the bots are dumb as a bag o' hammers on this map. Particularly those two depressions in the floor where they get stuck.

            Otherwise, fun stuff there. Thanks.


              Just installed the ogg file, I only had the map since I took it out my cache

              It's fun to hear, a shame though that I never play with music

              I want to hear everything that's going on in the map, no matter how good the music is


                The music is annoying but the map would be fun if the bots did not keep getting stuck on the floor. I also noticed a cloud go through your map.:bulb:


                  definitely a new custom music track that gives you the feel of fighting in a brand new mall; definitely clean space station atmosphere (clean textures/meshes) with good AVA and gameplay is decent, although bots can be a little easy. Nice simple layout with blue everywhere; I like the steam, clouds and bird in the skybox and what’s with the ceiling in that one hall……….aaaaaaaaaaaah…..I like it. It’s shopping music! Would you rather hear “Happy Happy Joy Joy” over and over again?







                    Pop DM map!

                    Fun map with high AVA, great custom textures, blue pipes, glass walls, cloudy skybox with the highlight map of America, and relentless gameplay. The only thing I don't like is the custom music; don't bother, in that case you'll need it beyond expectations.

           (working download links)