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    Soldat UT

    Name: Soldat UT

    Version: 2

    Compatibility: Tested on UT2004 latest patch (3355), but should work with older versions.

    Description: A 2D sidescrolling mod for UT2004, compatible with any maps for k0lpa's 2D tournament for UT2003.
    The main difference of this mod over k0lpa's and U4E's is the control style. The mod borrows the smooth and useable control style from the 2D game Soldat - keyboard moves the character, mouse is used to aim. In addition, a laser pointer will fade in when you are aiming at a distant object, to show you exactly where your shot will hit. A few annoying bugs from the other 2D mods have been fixed.
    Also, i thought it would be nice to have 2D UT available as a
    standalone (read: small) download.

    Comments: This is the gametypes only. To play the mod, you will need to download some maps from this page.


    Credits: Coded by pospi, based on the groundwork provided by k0lpa's 2D tournament and the new Unreal4Ever 2D beta.

    Homepage / Download:

    Update - v2
    I've fixed up all the bugs people have brought up with me, hopefully now things should run fine. Not sure about the problems you are having with mapcycles since I made no changes to that sort of code at all.
    - Fixed multiplayer stuttering bug (i think, I only have a 100Mbit switch to test on so if problems persist, please contact me).
    - Removed player collisions (no more WTF telefrags).
    - Redid zoom function for scoped weapons - camera now zooms out as well.
    - Better controls - 'Forward' and 'Backward' keys are now used as jump/duck keys (no more rebinding keys for WSAD users).
    - Tightened camera smoothing to reduce apparent mouse lag on low-end computers.

    having lots of trouble running this on my server..
    when walking left all is fine, when walking right the player just keeps warping.. missing animation + making it unplayable, also after a few minutes play it just crashes the server altogether


      Same here.

      Uploaded the files and a good number of maps to play on. When I was testing, my character would lag or stutter across the screen, then move fine. This would cycle back and forth. After about a min or two of play, the server would crash/reset.

      Also, I run a server with rotating gametypes of my choice (no map vote -yuck). I noticed that the various Soldat gametypes (DM, CTF, BR, DOM) would overwrite the standard (non-2D maps) in my UT2004.ini file.


        Version 2.0 is now online, fixing up the bugs people have discussed with me. I added a fixlist to my first post.

        Please use the same page to download from as before.


          Great gametypes, and now I won't even get fragged so often.


            Thanks for the fixes!

            I uploaded the new version to my server and tested it for about 5 min. It seemed to work fine! Yea!

            I'll do more testing on the morrow

            One small request: if you there is ever a need for a newer verison of this mod, could you rename the files so that the dreaded "version mismatch" error will not occur.

            Thanks again!


              yeah dude, will do.
              i was just feeling particularly lazy today is all.. lol


                OMFG!!! this is nvm no comments!!! great work!!! incl for the SOLDAT Fans!


                  How about the combo's like speed,booster etc... and maybe you couldt fix the sniper scope sens to?

                  but STILLL Cool!! i love it!


                    combos dont work because of the way ive intercepted input to control the characters. To make them work would be a real hack job and a half - i dont really wanna mess things up that badly over combos

                    sniper scope sens is designed so that you can't use it zoomed all the time - gotta make it hard to see close to you if its easy to see a long way away

                    glad you enjoyed the mod!


                      Deleted at fix of problem


                        Originally posted by jaybud4
                        This mod has literally ruined my installation of UT2004!
                        Mine's still fine... Great mod!


                          Haha, i love this 2d mod! That bug in the other version was soo anoying! Great that you fixed it! :heart:


                            Wow.. this is like, really unexpectedly playable and fun.. and V2 fixes my only real beef which was the movement controls. :up:

                            I really hope this gets some map support, there is alot of potential in this mod.

                            I can also imagine how good this could work as a classic sidescrolling shooter gametype.. with linear platforming levels, monsters replacing bots etc.. like a good old Contra clone.


                              bug is fixed, still crashes the server, but after a lot longer than before, played 2dBR for about 20 min, then it crashed.
                              Suggest you come and test it online before releasing a new version, you can use my server if you like.