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    Originally posted by SWG_Victim
    This reminds me of an unfortunate episode on BeyondUnreal.

    People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones :down:

    EDIT: BTW I'm not bashing the map- it really is a great map, I just don't like the way he's handling this.
    That thread would be a nice script episode for last StarWars movie,
    how to get to dark side.


      After reading Hours rant in his page and that BU thread, now i cant wait to see what it's going to happend whit that guy who it's turning Rankin in a CTF map


        Well if hour truely left, that dude won't have to worry about that happening to him.


          *Reads the old topic* Oh my God....I had no idea that happened in September of '04. Where was I in the Unreal world then....?

          But wow, I can see that Hourences is more ****** off than I thought he was. I really hope this'll all pass one day and we can smile again.


            Every online community is full of narccissits and self serving idiots who have zero talent and big fat mouths. Everyone has an opinion and they all sux, even mine.

            It is heartless, unforgiving and ultimatly unrewarding. Therefore you need to adjust your own expectations of what it is you wish to achive. It is the only way to protect yourself from loosers and bottomfeeders who have nothing better to do then to speak with forked tounges.

            Hourences, it's ok man.... really it's not even worth formaly repling to anything, nothing you say will make a difference, the guilty ones will simply not see it, the honest don't need it because they feel it and the fence sitters can go to hell.

            WD on all yo rmaps, I love each and eversingle one.


              I'd have to agree. I love hourences' work. Every map just screams quality.


                I've played it....and I love it

                This map kinda gave me the feeling of being constantly other maps I'm the hunter...but this map...**** feels good to be hunted


                  interesting , but a lot of stuff not placed right; I liked Rankin better, though I did like the flak cannon placement in the long hallway. The above comments were made when it first came out and maybe I was not feeling right at the time. I played it again today and the only things wrong with it I can think of is the lighting slightly off, a few slightly blurry things, and the deadends, which irritate me to no end. Everything else seems fine and I’m not sure what all the controversy was really about. I like the gameplay, layout, atmosphere, flow, sounds, planks, pistons, steam, outside scene, bullet holes, truck ramp and bricks; the bots were very good also.