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DM-Redkin (Hourence's Master Peice)

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    DM-Redkin (Hourence's Master Peice)

    Description: Redkin is an industrial timepiece, forgotten and lost in the depths of the Na Pali Siloris' Canyon. Built into the cliffside no human has set foot in the facility for years. With its machinery still active and purring with activity as the warm Nali sun heats the facility, its metal traps the warmth causing those who dare to enter to drown in their own sweat.

    It is a Medium sized DM map is set in an industrial building. 3.5 room based well flowing map. One to two floors high and entirely indoor. The map should provide good flow, rather hardcore and serious DM gameplay and lot of strategic possibilties.

    Comments: My own comments are that this map is a must have.

    Hourences comments are here,

    I finally decided to release the map. The spitfires and other events gave me more trouble than I expected but its finally more or less working now
    I went for 3Dsmax skeletal/bone animation for them, little bit overkill but it works.

    99 percent of the level is custom content apart from things like the van. Almost everything was selfmade. Every 166 seconds a few spitfires fly trough the canyon outside as an extra gimmick.
    Awesome spitfire skinning and unwrapping by Desperado
    A couple of tutorials related to this map are possibly upcomming within the month, maybe two. A couple of WIP pics of the map while it was made definatly comming up at some point.

    Credits: Hourences

    I like this map a lot! If I sound like I am pimping his work too much... well it is true, because it **** well deserves it!

    I love his stuff. Downloading now.

    Thanks Desp


      I've been looking forward to this map for a long time now, and wow, it's... dissappointing. It feels like very, very beta.

      I was expecting something something worthy of being Rankin's sequel, but this falls short, by far. Gameplay is useless for 1on1, and if I stare straight at a wall so it's rendering only one thing, I get 20 fps, unless I bump my settings down from normal world detail to low world detail. Want to know what really peevs me, though? The only thing I see change is a few steam emitters, which surely wouldn't cause a map to run at 20fps when you're not even looking at them. :bored:

      Oh, and the sound is revoltingly loud. When I loaded up the map I literally threw my earphones off my head (out of pain, and surprise) and went to turn the volume down from full to 40% - I'd like to keep my eardrums intact, thank you.

      Sigh... going to delete it now. :<


        fantastic map ... original, i think that moving environment is the next step in mapping


          Personal taste can be a *****, eh Virax?
          I myself find it nothing short of perfect, except for the fps drops I get every once in a while
          Great atmosphere, great layout, great play


            Aye, 'cause as far as I'm concerned, the mindblowing aesthetics and good flow are the only thing Hourences has got going here that work. :/


              I wasn't going to get it just based on the industrial theme, but it's worth it. I like the flow. Problems are mostly cosmetic with a few framerate issues, the windows near the jumppad vent don't block projectiles and it seems strange that he'd go to the trouble of the plane when there's no good place to see it. Is it affected by settings? Because I kept looking out both windows into the canyon when I heard the sound and never saw it.

              Otherwise, good stuff.


                Downloading now...


                  It's awesome. Both visually stunning and flows very good.

                  I dont really get framerate issues, so don't have any probs with that. Just go with the time. If you have a new rig and you set up your UT propermy, you wont have to worry about it.

                  Mr_Caravaggio, just look outside the big window, you can see the plane and the birds there.


                    The words "Master piece" are too much imo but indeed, its a very good map with great atmosphere:up: ....I imagine the hard work for the spitfires and all the movers...:up:


                      EDIT: This post is no longer valid. It was something with my computer.


                        Spitfire fly-by's? Wohoo! Downloading....

                        Wow, if your 500+ MHz GPU is lagging, we might be in for some trouble.

                        Did you try putting world detail > low? Found that reccomendation in the readme.


                          The best part about this map has to be the spitfire thing. Especially because I was staring out that window at the lovely scenery, not knowing about the flyby... and all of a sudden loud sounds and planes flew at me, and the glass window was covered with bullet-holes. I nearly ****** myself.




                              Actually - I need to change what I said in the post.

                              I have no IDEA why this is the case, but I unloaded WindowsBllinds from my memory and the oscillation ingame is gone now. Why? NO IDEA. Maybe it pushed me just over the limit or something on my memory? I only have 512 - maybe it just wasn't quite enough for the stuff I had running.

                              Anyway - it's settled at a solid 55-60 fps post-unloading. Odd as hell, but it works.

                              SWEET map. Ignore my top post, except for the window thing AM posted a picture of.