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AS-ABP-Protocore (bots inc)

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    hmm use save as should work on first link


      You're right. save as works. Left-clicking gets you an 403

      I just played one round, so I dídn't had much time to test it, but....I got squashed, after I delivered the engine. not important, but looks a bit strange

      Is this the Core-Bug you were talking about?


        nope core bug was with the new patch, if someone had the core while the next obj was not cleared another core would spawn, giving the attackers 2 cores to clear the obj with. epic have not patched it yet so i just had to rearange objectives so only one spawns.


          Great map!

          Bot support pwnz. Can get a "bit" spammy, though. I'd have chosen a lower playercount.


            Originally posted by awaw
            btw. first downloadlink doesn't work...
            Thanks for bringing that up. I looked at it and found the problem. That first link works fine now. :up:

            <3 Ven

            I tossed this onto the Lobster server yesterday. Happy fragging!


              just in case anyone is looking for this one!

              Here's a working link:


                Nifty little custom assault map for UT2004 and glad you fixed the bot pathing because they are not bad. The version I downloaded only has a ut2 file dated July 5, 2005 (5:02 pm) in the zip and is called v2, so I hope that's the right one because there seems to be only one place to download it from. I like the architecture, layout, lighting, chosen music and cool ending sequence. The objectives seemed fairly straight forward and I actually got a couple before the bots. I think it could use a better skybox and it seems the "disable research room energy locks" objective takes a bit too long (yes, I know it's two in one). I had fun playing this one.