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Felina - based on Marygold model

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    Look at the bold parts
    FelinaAA=Name: Felina1 Haynesworth|Age: 18|Race: Cat/Human Crossbreed|Data: Felina Number 1
    FelinaAB=Name: Felina2 Haynesworth|Age: 18|Race: Cat/Human Crossbreed|Data: Felina Number 2
    FelinaBA=Name: Felina3 Haynesworth|Age: 18|Race: Cat/Human Crossbreed|Data: Felina Number 3
    FelinaBB=Name: Felina4 Haynesworth|Age: 18|Race: Cat/Human Crossbreed|Data: Felina Number 4
    Player=(DefaultName="Felina1",Race="CAT",Mesh=Feli na2K4.Felina,species=xGame.SPECIES_Egypt,Skeleton= Felina2K4.FelinaSkel,Ragdoll=Alien,BodySkin=Felina Textures.FelinaShader,FaceSkin=FelinaTextures.Feli naFaceShader,Portrait=FelinaTextures.PortraitOrigi nalShader,Text=XFelina.FelinaAA,Sex=Female,Menu="SP",Aggressiveness=+.5,CombatStyle=+.75,Accuracy=+.7,S trafingAbility=+0.8,ReactionTime=+0.85,Tactics=+.9 5,Jumpiness=.3,bJumpy=False,BotUse=1,TeamFace=1)
    Player=(DefaultName="Felina2",Race="CAT",Mesh=Feli na2K4.Felina,species=xGame.SPECIES_Egypt,Skeleton= Felina2K4.FelinaSkel,Ragdoll=Alien,BodySkin=Felina Textures.FelinaShader,FaceSkin=FelinaTextures.Feli naFaceShader,Portrait=FelinaTextures.PortraitOrigi nalShader,Text=XFelina.FelinaAB,Sex=Female,Menu="SP",Aggressiveness=+.5,CombatStyle=+.75,Accuracy=+.7,S trafingAbility=+0.8,ReactionTime=+0.85,Tactics=+.9 5,Jumpiness=.3,bJumpy=False,BotUse=1,TeamFace=1)
    Player=(DefaultName="Felina3",Race="CAT",Mesh=Feli na2K4.Felina,species=xGame.SPECIES_Egypt,Skeleton= Felina2K4.FelinaSkel,Ragdoll=Alien,BodySkin=Felina Textures.FelinaShader,FaceSkin=FelinaTextures.Feli naFaceShader,Portrait=FelinaTextures.PortraitOrigi nalShader,Text=XFelina.FelinaBA,Sex=Female,Menu="SP",Aggressiveness=+.5,CombatStyle=+.75,Accuracy=+.7,S trafingAbility=+0.8,ReactionTime=+0.85,Tactics=+.9 5,Jumpiness=.3,bJumpy=False,BotUse=1,TeamFace=1)
    Player=(DefaultName="Felina4",Race="CAT",Mesh=Feli na2K4.Felina,species=xGame.SPECIES_Egypt,Skeleton= Felina2K4.FelinaSkel,Ragdoll=Alien,BodySkin=Felina Textures.FelinaShader,FaceSkin=FelinaTextures.Feli naFaceShader,Portrait=FelinaTextures.PortraitOrigi nalShader,Text=XFelina.FelinaBB,Sex=Female,Menu="SP",Aggressiveness=+.5,CombatStyle=+.75,Accuracy=+.7,S trafingAbility=+0.8,ReactionTime=+0.85,Tactics=+.9 5,Jumpiness=.3,bJumpy=False,BotUse=1,TeamFace=1)
    You get the idea... I just looked at xplayersL1.upl and

    I also changed the stats, marked italic, this is from v1.0. I just thought the stats were rather OTT


      Well, i downloaded the newer version, and the portraits work now :up: I'm pretty sure it was my card, since it can't handle shaders.


        pretty cool skin


          Pyrii: thanks for the help on that. I haven't had time to do that yet, but I thought of a bunch of alternative names that could be used for names. I'll try to do this later tonight... I gotta run in a bit here .

          Xzimon: good to hear it's been fixed . Seems the problem's been fixed on other people's rigs, too. Blame it on me for being a :noob: and not including fallback shaders for everything.


            I didn't have a problem as I'm not running DirectX 9 renderer.

            Mind if I have some input on those names and descs? Tell be what letters or pattern to start from and I'll PM them to you later today.
            Might be nice if we could config it into a team for single player.


              Pyrii: Seems like I'm either doing something wrong, or what's supposed to happen isn't exactly a desired effect (at least to me...)

              I did pretty much what you've posted with the .upl and the .ini, but I'm getting 4 selectable colors for each color so I'm getting 36 total selectable portraits with different names. Is this what's supposed to happen?

              EDIT: dang, posted just a little while before I did. I've got the names already, tho (took me most of the night to figure out all of them). I guess if you'd like to suggest some I can consider them. I've stuck to a theme: names that suggest color. Some I really like, some are just "eh", but I'm trying to stick to the character, like she was the one who had picked it out. The main problem is the above stated, tho.


                Can I have a copy of the new upl and .int files, e-mail them to me, I wanna have a quick poke



                  email sent


                    I don't think the things Pyrii mentioned configure names for duplicate bots or anything like that.

                    Every new entry in the .upl file creates a new spot in the player select screen, and each one has its own supplementary names.

                    the AA, AB, BA, BB thing is just used because each faction in UT has eight characters, two genders, two bodies, two faces, each.

                    so AA and AB share the same body (I believe), and BA and BB share a different body.

                    But they're still different characters with different names.

                    I think what you mean is if there are two Felina bots, right? They can't both be named Felina, and the game uses some backup name.

                    I'm sorry, I don't know how the game decides the backup.


                      Yeah, I was kinda thinking that wouldn't fix it, since the entries in the xplayersL1.upl, etc. were actually different characters but with reused skins. I don't exactly like the idea of 36 portraits in the selection. It's nice to have custom names for duplicate characters, but I don't think it's worth the extra space it takes up in the selection screen.


                        Originally posted by -Tj-
                        Yeah, I was kinda thinking that wouldn't fix it, since the entries in the xplayersL1.upl, etc. were actually different characters but with reused skins. I don't exactly like the idea of 36 portraits in the selection. It's nice to have custom names for duplicate characters, but I don't think it's worth the extra space it takes up in the selection screen.
                        Same, I can't find the place for the backup so I think it's a lost cause for now


                          I recall CUT2 having various names for their duplicate bots....

                          I think it would be a good idea to find mods or mutators that seem to modify this... or consult someone who knows more about the behind-the-scenes of the UT2k4 engine itself...

                          Seems kind of like the game's inner settings as opposed to anything in the customizable files... not sure what to make of it, though. =/


                            Of course, if you want the "random bots" to ignore the old v 1.0 team-skins (red, green, etc), then you should change the BotUse var from 1 to 0...

                            The BotUse var is used to determine the chance for the bot being added, when using random bots.
                            It's an integer from 5 to 0, with 5 being all the time and 0 being never.

                            Alternatively, if you want a certain skin to be unselectable for players, and only used for bots, then change the Menu var to "DUP" and increase it's BotUse to at least 2 (if you want to see it once in a while).


                              That sounds good, I'll give it a shot.

                              Pyrii: thanks for trying

                              Edit: Ok, I think I got everything understood here now:

                              Menu="SP": means the character is selectable as a team member during single player games (hence the SP)
                              Menu="DUP": means the player cannot use the character at all (Don't Use Player?)

                              BotUse=1-5: determines how readily a bot will choose the character in question
                              BotUse=0: bot will never choose the character in question

                              What I've set it to right now is Menu="DUP" for all but one of each color type (so if there's four named characters in the roster only the first one is selectable, the rest are bot selectable only), and BotUse=5, just for testing's sake.

                              That pretty much solves two problems I've been having: 1: bots selecting the character more often and 2: removing duplicate characters from the selection menu, but it leaves one last (rather large) problem.

                              If someone selects 2 or more of the same character from the roster (like the Red Felina, for example) then the engine still uses the default alternate names like Preatorian, Hydra, and Magnate. Is this something that just can't be helped, or can this be fixed somehow?


                                Friggin awesome! Can we get a variation with human legs? (Keep the tail though)