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    No, not the hair, your whole color set up is kinky. The upl should just reference the base skin, the game will automatically make colors for the other teams out of the texture files _0 and _1.

    Look at this pic. An ONS team game, yet I've got a whole team made up of all the colors. Green and yellow up front, with red in the middle and pink and blue in back. All supposidly on the blue team. I used the bot roster here to get them all in a single shot, but you'll occasionally experience the same thing in a regular game using random bots.


    EDT: Oh yeah, the portraits are also the bubble texture for me too, though I have a gf2 (but that's never caused problems before).


      First of all, very nice skin. :up: I really like the dark suit one.
      Though, the portraits won't show up, they're just that awful bubble-texture, and i have a GeForce 4MX, is it my card or something else? The model and everything else shows up fine.
      Even though i can live without the portraits showing up, i just want to know what might be wrong.


        Very good model, Played in Team deathmatch and quickly realised the different colours are very bad for team-based games, CTF, AS, ONS, TDM. As you can't tell the player team colour. Names list could do with redoing. The model is AWFUL with the real-time shadows mod, so don't try. Bot settings are OTT, I played a masterful game and can normally win happily, but I got slaughtered, twice, so some imbalance there (looked at the settings, all were v.high)

        I would have loved to have seen a voice pack with this skin, as the female Merc voice just seems too out of place with the model, but oh well.

        The model is super, well-textured and well modelled. Animations are good. Just the colour variations are a bad idea, as they can ruin team-based gameplay.


          Yeah, the marygold model itself needed a voice pack imnsho ^^


            Hmm... I did the color thing plenty of times and didn't think anything of it, since my team was made up of all her anyway, but I didn't think about if bots randomly selected another color version. The original color (cyan) is the only one that's built to swap. I made the other colors so that players who don't have CTF4 could still choose Gold and Green without it. As it is now I feel it's a happy medium, especially since there are many other skins out there that don't team swap at all anyway. The only thing I can think of to fix that would be to remove the selectable color versions from the upl. The file hasn't been posted at SkinCity yet, maybe I can get the file changed before it's posted there. I'll include the old upl as an alternative instead of the default selection.

            She does need a voice pack and she was supposed to have one (got one planned), but just ran out of time for it at the moment. :cry: I want to do one, though... the Female Merc voice pack doesn't match, nor do any of the others.

            Xzimon: I'm not sure what the problem is, but my guess would be that the portrait shader I've used just isn't compatible with your card, your card drivers, or the version of UT2004 you're using... I've put up a temporary download for a new pack with the changes you guys have suggested, along with a possible fix for your problem. If you can, give it a download and try it out. CTF4 pics are still in it, tho; I'm not going to change that till the next patch comes out for it.

            Fixed version (v.1.1) downloadable at FileWorks:

            I managed to get the file size down a little under 300KB, so the new file size with the extra stuff in it is 8.92MB (thanks to better zip compression). I prefer RAR, myself, as the RAR file is only 6.80MB, but people seem to complain when a file is RAR (why??).

            Anywho, if you're able to download it, please let me know how that works, if it works better, worse, etc.


              Is there changes to the actual model in this new one? I didnt have problems with any of the things listed like the protraits. Do I still need the 1.1?

              The reason I used to get bugged by rar files is that everyone just said 'get winrar, stupid' or just 'cause rars are better, duh' and then I would get winrar and I'd see that I have to pay for it and windows does zip files already for free. So why bother? Finally a friend pointed me towards a free program like power archiver and now I don't care what format its in. But some people don't know that and don't feel its worth it to go get ANOTHER program just to get a file. well, thats just my thought. (pheonix, this wasnt directed at you, I was editing this post when you posted, but theres winrar again! )

              Still love the model.


                The reason people complain about the format .rar is becouse not everybody can open that file format, but on the other hand basically everyone can open zip files.

                you can get winrar at this will open RAR files!!!! there is a free version by the way just click on downloads not purchase downloads


                  The changes I've made are new .upl files so the team colors aren't selectable and hopefully fixes to the portraits where they don't show up properly.

                  The new .upl replaces the old one, but there's an additional .upl file in the Extras folder that puts the team color selectability back in.

                  The portraits are exactly the same, except the fallback texture is added. Hopefully that fixes the portrait error on some machines.

                  If you don't really have a problem with any of those two things, then you don't need to download this version.



                    Originally posted by phoenixeclipse
                    The reason people complain about the format .rar is becouse not everybody can open that file format, but on the other hand basically everyone can open zip files.

                    yuo can get winrar at this will open RAR firles!!!!

                    I wish EVERYONE had winRAR... it's just better than Zip. Same type of compression tool but with much better compression. I guess having Zip functionality built right into Windows (the newer versions) doesn't help. :P


                      Thanks for the new version.

                      I also prefer Winrar for the simple fact that nine times out of ten the archives are a lot smaller than with zip encoding.

                      Excuse me if you've already stated this, but why did you ask that people have newer cards again? Especially for the portroit, there's no reason that couldn't have been a dxt1 flat image.


                        Well, 90 texture and raw material files.

                        This is my first texture pack, and basically I wanted to see what the Unreal Engine could do, so I pretty much did whatever I could to make it flashy. I don't know if you've noticed, but I went as far as to render the portraits out via XSI, then retouch them with different faces in Photoshop. I think it took about a week just for that. True, I could have just used DXT1 textures, but again, the flash .

                        In actuality, I wanted to have more activity on the portraits, but it became way too busy-looking and ultimately distracting. The slow cloud pan sort of added a kind of "ahh" to the portrait.

                        About the newer card thing, when I used the GeForce 1 and 2 emulation, more than half of the shaders blanked out, and on my laptop's GeForce 2MX many of the shaders don't show at all. GeForce 3 and up is just to be safe.

                        Btw, is the new file structure a better working idea? 'Cause I plan on doing more skins for other models later in the future and I'm learning a lot from all of this.


                          Do I need to delete something when installing? The White and Pinky suits still don't have anything to switch to.


                            Shouldn't have to delete anything. I tried to make the files so that they overwrite themselves, replacing the older ones with the newer ones. You should only have to edit the .upls if you don't want the Dark, Light, and Pinky suits to interfere with the random bots in team games. I left those in since they're like "special case" items.


                              Any chance of making some decent random bot names for the model? Something more suitable than "Samurai"


                                Hahaha... if you can tell me how to do that, I'll gladly do so! I was wondering how that's done, since while I was playing I would get weird names as well.