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    Originally posted by musilowski
    "Full Releases"? :bulb:
    Read the suggestions above. Thought I'd check to see if there was going to be any upgrades....


      Re: Nice Map

      Originally posted by Raptor2113
      This is a nice map. The only gripe I have is that I seem to spawn in the same location an awful lot, specifically the spot right near the lightning gun, where the bots all seem to converge and mercilessly rocket spam. Other than that, though - a nice map.
      Coincidence maybe? There are 18 spawn points on the map all spread out pretty evenly.
      Originally posted by MaStur

      Originally posted by Luv_Studd
      Is this map final yet? :up:
      Don't know yet. I'm still waiting for feedback. I'm not even sure if the map was approved for the ladder or not... but if it wasn't, I probably won't release an updated version.


        Good map.

        Better trims, ramps and bizarre rumble sounds on the right hand; also in torches, trees, few grasses, chimney sounds, few cobwebs, few leaves, and a skybox. Bots are tough and perfect for 9 DM bot match, 4on4 and 5on5 TDM battle.

        There's a CTF conversion of this map, included on the UT2004 Flag Pack II. You might download if you want to.

        - Downloaded from "House Server Custom Maps v1.1" at L4Y.

        DL link at the first post is currently active (NOT dead!).

        Three more mirrors may be useful to you: (NaliCity over GameFront)


          I like the old castle feel, torches, general theme, cobwebs, trees, vines, layout, weapon placement, skybox, sounds, stained glass and lighting (c’mon it’s not that bad); this map also reminds me of another smaller UT map, but I can’t think of it right now.