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    Name: DM-Ages

    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: UT2004

    Description: Castle like with a mountain setting?

    Comments: Yeah, I know... another map with Albatross textures and static meshes. I actually started this map when UT2004 was first released and been working on it on and off till now. If you don't like it, feel free to ***** at me all you want.


    Credits: Thanks to all those at (=A!M=) who tested and provided feedback.



    I think people tire of the Albatross set to be honest...

    But not when it looks like its been executed so well. That looks like some tight mappin' mate. Im gonna download this.



      heh, watch out or you'll be acused of being UberByte too, lol.

      Looks cool, dling.


        Oh ******* ! Again a map with albatross textures and statics !

        Dling :haha:

        Edit: Good map : :up:


          It may be albatross but it doesn't look like it. It feels different due to the lighting.


            I'd like to see this map as part of the CB UT2004 TDM Spring Cup I think it's a fantastic map


              Looks cool, downloading now.

              Love the theme, half albatross, half dreary castle type place. The only things I dont like are those hanging vines, they don't really fit in with the map, maybe they could have been more green.

              I like the layout, good sized rooms with plenty of opportunities for trickjumps.

              The lighting does seem a bit boring IMO, mostly grey... the stained glass windows do make a refreshing change to the surroundings, but its only lit by the torches and the grey sky. At least, that's the feeling I got from it.

              The (godlike) bot i was playing against got stuck under a lift, and I could quickly kill him with a few rockets. Bot pathing was good, not sure if they can make it to the double damage or not though.

              Anyway, yeah... Good Map overall, I'll probably play it more in the future, if only to get ideas for my own maps


                Yeah, another map by Enigmabyte :up:

                Downloading now, comments later (looks pretty good in the screenshots, Noz it's right, the light change make it looks fresh from other Albatross themed maps)


                  I played this as a beta on A!Ms TAM server, and it totally rocked. Fun to play on and looks great too!


                    has a creepy castle sort of feel to don't yah think?

                    dling!:alien: :up: :alien:


                      Nice map - smooth playing, lots to do.


                        looks nice...the architecture looks pretty nice

                        I'm a big fan of the game rune so I dig the theme


                          Good stuff :up: Definately a keeper.


                            Originally posted by Jiggy
                            I'd like to see this map as part of the CB UT2004 TDM Spring Cup I think it's a fantastic map
                            It is being considered ^^ Might be forced to move some weapons around though but it's a great map, no doubt about it


                              Thanks for the comments all. Glad some of you like it. :up:

                              I'll admit that the lighting is a bit dull, but I tried going for a more natural looking effect rather than something fabricated. The theme didn't really lend to well to other types of light sources.

                              If this is considered for any events, I'd be more than willing to take feedback on weapon/item placement and make a tournament edition.