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    Name: DM-1on1-Alzonia
    Version: 1
    Compatibility: UT2004 v3339
    Description: Alzonia was once a peaceful sanctuary, nestled deep in the Gratizian rainforest. Then the bloody LMC found it... *sigh*
    Comments:First post here!...ermm...the map is rather small and it has all the weapons (decently layed out of course). Its not my first map, click here to see the rest of 'em.
    Credits: Me
    Homepage: I dont have one...
    DL from UnrealPlayground

    DL from Mapraider

    DL from NaliCity

    Oh, and a Happy new year to all!

    I played a quick 1on1 in this map, I think it´s pretty fun to play.

    But here are few notes:
    The bot that spawns is always close to the Rocket Launcher, I can rapid-kill him. You should add more spawn points to make it more random

    Also, I think the map needs alittle work on the textures, but maybe it´s just me.

    It´s rather simple architectured.

    But it was fun 5 minutes.
    I had the bot on Average (I´m terrible at aiming ) so it was rather quick.

    Oh, happy 2005!


      Noo! The registering! :cry: But it looks good from the screenies.


        Looks pretty good, but the misaligned texturing and the fact that the textures all look the same's kind of keeping me from D/Ling it.


          Thanks for the comments guys, I've updated the first post with a Mapraider link. (no registration needed)


            Hello Slain :up:

            Nice and tight, played it on skilled and was given a good game by a bot.

            As quoted by Bjossi
            The bot that spawns is always close to the Rocket Launcher, I can rapid-kill him. You should add more spawn points to make it more random
            Just checked, there are 10 spawn points and after I spanked my bot a few times (no lewd comments ) it did spawn in other places ok.

            On the texture side, ok on a whole but IMHO they could be scaled down a tad, but that is only my view. <--- Nit-picking

            Carbs, I would advise you to d/load and play it, the textures actually lend themselves to the general ambience.

            Now Slain, I am unsure if you have released a beta version elsewhere but it is often better to release a beta version on all the sites you intend to release a full version so as to get as many points of view as possible.

            Secondly, make your map readme's a little more detailed it helps to know an authors history as well as all the relevant details that may help those that are about to install their first custom map. Try the

            ReadMe Generator at Nali City, or copy someone elses detailed version and use that as a template.

            Not bad at all :up:


              Layout looks interesting, but I'm not sure with all these greens everywhere. Lights on pic 2 look quite distracting. Gonna DL it anyway. :up:


                Nice map !

                I've put it on my site


                  Too much weapons.

                  AI: Bot above adept + shock = my a$$ gets kicked. :up:

                  You could have made the base level much smoother with that terrain. It's quite rought now. I feel crippled down there.

                  Shields are too much out of reach! (I can't even grab the supershield. :bulb: lol, n00b!)

                  As I said, lighting is quite distracting. Those bright blue spotlights with coronas at my knees were really not necessary. And the floating yellow lights should disappear on low detail.

                  6.0 of 10. (which of course doesn't mean anything but my opinion.)


                    looks good, lighting in the 1st screen doesn't look too impressive as the rest.

                    Also not keen on those lights you've used, more natural ones like flame torches would have fitted better.

                    And some wooden trim around the doorways would have looked nice:up:

                    gonna download and give you more feedback



                      hi mate,

                      right i had a bash on your map and it plays very well, i think i'm gonna keep it .

                      This map is actually a true 1on1 map, any more players wouldn't be too cool, i usually play 1on1 maps wiht 4 players but this would be a to tight squeeze for me.

                      Overall it was pretty good, lighting was alright and the corona effect you've sued for the sun glare was nice:up: , didn't check fps but the map ran pretty quick anyways. The jump pads were awesome, could have used a little more light for them and also a base, the emitter is just "there" and nothing for it to actually generate from.

                      Also i can get out of your map, it doesn't bother me personally but people who play wiht with low grav will be able to sit on top of your map, so add blocking volumes to stop those little rascals getting up in the skyboxes .

                      The seems in a jungle, should have had flame torches, and not electrical lighting and also a lot more vegetation, more vines on the walls, missing tiles with plants poking though, and tress above with grass around them with a few rocks.

                      Bots were also **** fine, good job on that:up:

                      Major let down with the map is the ammo placement and shields, you should really only have 2 50% shields not a 50 & 100, as its 1on1 the one with the shield won't have a huge advantage, especially in a small map, i suggest replacing the S/S with a u-damage. As for ammo placement you should make players work for them ammo, scatter it about. Your ammo is really close to the weapon pickup, with 2 ammo pickups per weapon. You should really put 1 pickup near the weapon base, then spread the rest out, also your stronger weapons i. flak & r/l you should put limited ammo in, this way it will make the player look after ammo and also use a differnet weapon instead of spamming wiht flak or r/l in a small arena.

                      Good map, i'm gonna keep it anyway. Hope my feedback helps, maybe your'll do a different version with some of the changes i've mentioned and possibly at night with rain or something so its more different than the original version.



                        Cool, thanks for that. I'll keep those things in mind for future maps, I won't change anything to this map though; it's done...

                        I'm guessing no-one has found the U-Damage charger yet :noob: (no looking in the editor if u can't find it... )

                        Oh, and about there not being torches: Well the bloody LMC took over, didn't they!, with their industrial-strength neon mining-standard lights


                          The neonlights are his idea, this is just the map´s theme, neon lights in a jungle.

                          Your map is fun, good luck with your next ones!


                            Nalicity link added for those of you refusing to download from filefront


                              It's simple, but pretty, gg