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    This map was released on April 22, 2004, but I just noticed it was still in the Beta Releases section - so I'm putting it in official releases now. Original thread is here.

    Name: DM-Bleak

    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: UT2004

    Description: This map has an overused underground industrial theme. Layout consists of five chambers connected via various hallways, ramps, and a lift. There are no SuperWeapons in the map.

    Comments: Bleak is my first DeathMatch map since the release of UT2004. Like other maps I have done, this map was thought up on a spur of the moment, and evolved as I worked on it, as I suspect is the case with many maps. It is fully botpathed, and optimized to the best of my ability.


    Credits: This map is original, and made completely by myself, using stock meshes and textures.

    Homepage: DM-Bleak site (additional screenshots available here)

    Download (Final)

    hmm... looks very good
    downloading :up:


      Nice and clean. Me downloads. :up:


        Nice map, downloading


          This map is so fun to play that I'll have to play it without any BOTS to even slow down enough to look at visuals. :up:


            This actually looks nice, fun too.
            I am gonna give it a whirl.


              Screenshots taken on mah birthday

              Looks pretty nice :up:


                Nice Loved your BR maps.

                Oh, be a saviour and remake DM-Bloodyblocks... Please



                  hi mate.

                  looking good for your 1st dm map, looks to have good flow from the screenshots after all dm is the hardest gametype to do.

                  i'm a fan of industrial maps in any case, brings back the old ut feel nothing can beat some good pipes, cables and steam

                  shot 1= i got a red x!

                  shot 2 = looks alright:up: some more detail on the far wall like pipes, metal beams etc would have looked good, also some holes in the walls showing a few cables would have been nice. Only thing in this entire map is the lack of different lighting colours, primary colouring is white which isn't too cool:down: .

                  shot 3= looking better good mesh work, again on the lighting white and also its dark, you could have used some strong but low radius colours here maybe a red or blue.

                  shot 4= looks alright again too dakr and lack of colours, nice tirm work btw . For your meshs to give it a more industrial feel re-texture them to a rusting brown colour, the faded yellow in the back doesn't look too cool:down: .

                  hope that helps mate, personally i would add some more colour and brighten it up a bit and add a few more industrial meshs (cables, pipes, missing tiles etc) in various areas.



                    the forecast is bleak for this one

                    Anyone have an updated working link for this one? I can't find it anywhere. Thank you.


                      all i could pull is this screenshot
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	bleak17_lg.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	84.7 KB
ID:	3249060

                      try looking at ctf bleak it might be the same map


                        Originally posted by unrealloco View Post
                        try looking at ctf bleak it might be the same map
                        That link is a different one. Not made by the same author and not a conversion.


                          Great industrial map with cool dark atmosphere, layout, pipes, cables, steams, trims, lava, and ambient sounds. Needs little contrast on colors in few spots for general advice IMO but not too bad. Fun gameplay and the bots are good. Although, this is a medium-sized map for a great pleasure.

                          PS: Can't find the DL link of this map anywhere on the web, but someone did found this map for valuable possession.

                          This lost map is added to


                            I like the dark theme, steam, pipes, lights, lighting, strange layout, lava, ambient sounds and good bots. This one maybe could have used a bit more color, but it works.

                            Thanks to DarkSonny for finding this one and Private Tux for posting the new working link!