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    DM-Recrem Kram

    Name: DM-Recrem Kram
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: ut2k4
    Description: After a routine fly over the jungles of na pali, a Axon research scout ship found this skaarj fortress, which was abandoned when they left the planet. After long research into the complex they discovered the fortress is in fact the holding place of a super weapon, a weapon which could destroy targets on the planets surface or in its orbit within seconds. However no weapon was ever found, but Axon Research has now unlocked the sercrets of the skaarj technology and they believe they have also located the skaarj's homeworld. With all research now exhausted, Axon Research sold the fortress onto Liandri for tournament use.


    If your wondering what the name is try looking at it backwards and its something to do me myself.








    feedback and comments appeciated


    Downloading.....will put feedback soon. But from the screens it looks great.


    Good Eyecandy. I like that green/black theme.

    The weapons layout is good IMO as well.

    The health layout is perfect. Not too much, and not too little.

    Only one slight problem. I think that it is too easy to get to the DD, since IMO, its not in a central area. All it requires is a short dodge from the top level and you can land right on it. (I suggest maybe moving those steam exausts over slightly to block the dodging.)

    This is easily A+ mapping material.




        Looks good man ... was this the map you had asked me to look ... I never got an email so I figured you were good on the testing, and it looks like it turned out really well. :up:


          Re: DM-Recrem Kram

          Originally posted by Yournan2000
          Name: DM-Recrem Kram
          And you would be Mark Mercer?


            Mark Mercer MD


              Cool stuff, dling now



                thanks for the feedback mate, glad you like it. As for the double damage i wasn't 100% happy putting it there, but there wasn't really any where else i could find also personally i like d.d's easy to get instead of doing quad-jumps here and there in combat to get them.




                Sorry mate must have forgot to sent it to you, glad you like it. BTW- i've posted on your forums that mappers cna send there maps to me for testing.


                Congratulations! 1st prize to you, its coming in the post.


                And the runner up....................


                thanks mate, give me some feedback when done.



                  Omg a Skaarj map! Awesome! I'll download it and give you some feedback.


                    Is this really a final map?

                    there are some texture alignment problems in many areas there's also some weird light in the crack in the floor surrounding the mesh that the shock rifle spawns on.

                    The floor texture doesn't tile really well and repeats too often, consider scaling that up or using another texture.

                    1. One of the rooms has a step up entering it but it looks like it's a bit too high, the floor brush goes higher than the big green light mesh that's inside that room. That step could have been non existent or just shorter.

                    2. There's another doorway where the floor texture has the "tile seam" doubled up right at the doorway. That looks weird and catches your eye even when playing.

                    3. In another area near the lift that doorway has a texture alinment problem on the floor as well.

                    4. The strange lights mentioned around the mesh for the shock rifle also appears under the bio rifle.


                      The map plays really well, I love your work, but just trying to help.


                        nice map, i like the layout and the visuals are pretty good, but it could have looked alot better with not too much more work.

                        Those thin blue lights on the ground are there because you forgot to disable shadow casting of the static mesh planes between the room ant the outside (sky). you could have made some cool lighting if you disabled shadow casting on those and you let the blue light come in with the pipe and tree shadows.

                        this blueish area of the walk way seems too bright and the wall next to it is almost completely black. what i think you could have done is make 3 light sources for each blue light, one for the top, witch would have prety small radius with a large brightness, another for the middle with a large radius and a low brightness, and a final one for the ground with a medium radius and almost as bright as the top light. this would creat more dramatic lighting and make those lights look more light spot lights and simulate global illumination.

                        that door in the distance is very hard to see. i think you should have put something over by the door way or even inside of the door way that would catch the players eye and make the want to go over there. also the walk way and trim look really thick maybe cut them down 3/4.

                        again, a really dark surface, in real life light would be reflecting off everything and you would not have much black surfaces, especially so close to light emmiters.

                        wall looks very tiled.

                        but nice work, maybe you could release a updated version or rember these things when you make your next map. :up:



                          thanks :up: . looking forward to feedback


                          glad you like the map, feedback and help is always appeciated:up: :up: .

                          1. the step is 32 units high, which is enough for a player to walk up, normal steps at default brush at set 16 high. The mesh i think is sitting right on top of the bsp, but i will check it out thanks for noticing that one.

                          2. texture mis-alignment. I've done that by mistake because sometime si copy and paste textures onto other surfaces, i must have forgot to align that one, nice spotting as that one is hard to see.

                          3. Keen eye strikes again cheque is in the post

                          4. lighting from teh skybox and shadows i believe


                          thanks glad you like the map, visuals i tried hard on becuase there isn't much skaarj stuff and i don't want it to all look the same.

                          shot 1- i wanted some cool shadows to show on those surfaces, didn't quite turn out as i wanted but hey.

                          shot 2- agreed, some of those small lights could have looked alright there, reason is is dark is because the spotlight acotr point straight down and miss that wall all together.

                          shot 3- the doorway has that doorarch around it, which has a corona but i guess a light in there could have gave it more light. The walkways are 64 units thick, the usual i use.

                          shot 4- agreed again, is a bit dakr that one. I should have put some small lights for the skybox there or something.

                          shot 5- thats the exact look i'm going for, i was planning on having a few tiles off the wall with cables behind or something.

                          thanks for the feedback C.K, really helpful doubt i'ii do a update version as those things are minor, but i'ii keep in mind of next time.

                          Thanks for the feedback everyone, appeciated as usual:up: :up:



                            Map is defiantly too small for default player load and while it may not be obvious in botmatch, playing with few experienced human opponents is whole different experience. In my opinion map plays best as 1on1, but even so layout is too simple, making gameplay really fast and frenetic. Elevator in RL room is a bit slow for such frantic tempo, so I found myself avoiding its use.


                              I must say I rather like the layout. The rooms look the same, yet they look different so it can be hard to tell if you were just in the room you're currently in, giving the illusion that the map is larger than it actually is. For a while I swore it had to be more than just four quarters.

                              The only part that looks like it could have been done better was the room in commander_keen2's second screenshot, that part was a little plain. Also, I must agree that the upper-level floor texture is too repetetive. Other than that, it looks almost proffessionally made. The lower level is beautiful. The only other thing is the small step that cUnNiNg_StUnTs mentioned.

                              The floor texture alignments don't bother me, they're so minor that I'm not going to notice them in game. Beside a few minor things, this is a nice map, I'll keep it.