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    no no...I won't praise you ....someone has to end these endless back pats! ahh..i give up...

    U ROCK!


      Great map!!! Nuff said.

      Try "SuperSkaarjInvasion" + "RemoteStrikeWeapons" with it.


        this map play as CTF is so fun too !

        [screenshot][/screenshot] :up:
        use "Map Converter CTF"


          Hey Angel

          Hey Angelh@rt .. just wanted to say that from the screen shots the map looks great . Also wanted to ask .. can you make the map compatible with UT 2003 ? I'd love to play it but only have 2003 .
          If it's not possible oh well .... just figured i'd ask .


            Re: Hey Angel

            Originally posted by WabbitKiller
            Hey Angelh@rt .. just wanted to say that from the screen shots the map looks great . Also wanted to ask .. can you make the map compatible with UT 2003 ? I'd love to play it but only have 2003 .
            If it's not possible oh well .... just figured i'd ask .
            He made lots of nice map like this in UT2003 and all maps working well in UT2004 too is UT2004's map didnt work in UT2003 ?
            did you try it already ?? :bulb:
            Angelheart Map list


              Gun Placing

              Hey I love custom maps but could you please fix the placing of the weapons. I read someone said the copter causes a low fps maybe you can take it out just to see if it helps the lower systems?.

              Thank you very much for making interesting maps.


                If you play offline, and I assume you do as very very few of the excellent comunity made maps make it onto a server, try this.

                Open the map in the editor and either delete it or just make it bsuperhighdetailed = true. That way you will only see it if your settings are high, and I assume that they arent due to the performance related element of your question.

                On the subject of the map. Looks like more sterling work Angel Heart, it really does. Mogadishu has nevler looked so good ( and yes I am including the very good DFBHD).

                Its great to see the cummunity still appreciating maps and making them too so long after the game came out. Especially since there have been other shooters.

                That said UT2004 is the absoloute daddy of shooters.

                Excellent map:up:


                  this map play as CTF is so fun too !

                  where is the ctf version ????? Please tell



                    oh sorry it not map

                    Originally posted by DaNIGHT
                    where is the ctf version ????? Please tell

                    I useing "Map Converter CTF"


                      This map rocks!!!:up: :up: :up: :up: :up:


                        As usual another brilliant piece of work....but to make it actually playable with excellent framerates??? w0000t!!!!

                        :up: :up:

                        This is going up on our Team Arena Master server!!


                          Blazing experience. Recreation of the 2001 film, Black Hawk Down.

                          My review:
                          Outstanding map from Angelhe@rt, but it needs description. This map's style is unique Delta Force, based on the 2001 Ridley Scott film Black Hawk Down during war and the Battle of Mogadishu in the capital of Somalia. (Not exactly how the elements of the film is sharing through this map.)

                          For this map: The details worn up again. The atmosphere, layout and ambient sounds of this map are on a punchline. Somehow, I am too familiar with war movies, that is fairly inspiring through this map. Item placements are very hard to look up for signature weapons (even this map is scaled more) and player spawn might get intense for using Assault Rifle (I'm very lucky that I will use the Heaven of Relics 1.2, my most proud mutator ).

                          For better performance, use Instagib, Ballistic Weapons and Super Weapons X with 15 or more bots (approx. 16 or more human players on some UT2004 servers). This one may be useful for Infiltration Mod for UT2004 because of this map, somehow no one going to use that popular mod anymore.

                          Review by Manticore:
                          Item placement may be a problem with this map but I accidently started it up first time in Instagib and it was great fun.

                          The one shot, one kill format really brings out the best in the layout. There are plenty of elevated sighting spots, plenty of corners, plenty of other cover and the scale of the map makes it a good house to house, street to street experience.

                          Packed with maximum bots the map still runs without even a hint of performance problems; the optimisation is spot on.

                          It has the usual AH leanings like A1 audio atmospheres and there is the hint of DM-Relics in there just to remind us of the old days.

                          This is probably one of the best AH maps; in my opinion.

                          All this AND exploding barrels!

                          Great stuff.....

                          Review by hal (BuF admin):
                          The map has lots of atmosphere. I love the ambient sounds... very immersive. I was amazed at how optimized Angelheart was able to make it. It ran very very smoothly on my system whereas other Angelheart maps usually make my PC chug.

                          My main complaint is item placement... or lack thereof. It's not really playable because you get spawn raped as there's rarely a weapon to be found when you respawn... unless you get a lucky respawn.

                          More weapons and a few more health pickups and this would be a very cool DM map.

                          It would be neat to see an ONS or VCTF version of this (minus flying vehicles, of course).

                          - Downloaded from "House Server Custom Maps v1.1" at L4Y.

                          Five mirrors:
                 (links: mediafire, gamefront)


                            I like the atmosphere (seems to recreate the scenes in the movie), weapon placement (even though we could use a few more pickup spots), layout (even though a little wide-open), custom sounds, custom meshes/textures, details, rooftops, helicopter and exploding barrels. Bots were fierce, especially Chaos_Xan.



                            And just for the hell of it, here's a pack of Angelheart maps for UT2004. Not sure which ones are in it, so DL at your own risk.


                              Direct mirror added to