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Zombies Of Nightmare [FINAL RELEASED]

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    Happy Halloween ! here is more new Zombi show up !



      It really is scary with EAX on DM-1on1-Contact2k4


        yes it is !!!

        Originally posted by [HEL]rsplitter
        It really is scary with EAX on DM-1on1-Contact2k4
        :cry: :up:
        some wallpaper

        Brain ...


          Hi, I've been lurking here for a while, and I have a couple of ideas that might be interesting. One is the player loses a frag or some of their score when killed by a zombie.

          The other one, which wouldn't really affect the gameplay, is that sometimes when a zombie kills a player, the zombie has a small percentage chance to start eating the dead player. They kneel over the body, and blood starts squirting out.

          Would be pretty scary/hilarious, depending on how you see it . I'm sure it would be very difficult to implent though, just a fun idea.


            I already thought that, and I'm trying to realize that.
            I also thought that maybe zombies, by eating a died player could keep some health, so zombies will eat players when they've got health lower than 50% of their default.


              Originally posted by kill4
              I already thought that, and I'm trying to realize that.
              I also thought that maybe zombies, by eating a died player could keep some health, so zombies will eat players when they've got health lower than 50% of their default.
              Great idea I was just going to suggest something like that. Honest! What about those missing animations will you add them when EvilEngine gives you them? Keep up the great work.

              P.S: I love having the Doom 3 zombies in this they kickass!


                The zombie animations will be 100% within a day or so. I just finished the femzombie, and all I need to do is the ugly fat one and adding in some extras. Possibly an animated spider-like creature similar to the "Trite".


                  So will this next version have not just extra zombies etc.. but a whole "zombie invasion" gametype?

                  I cant wait! :cry:

                  EvilEngine: an arachnid would be sweet

                  If there is going to be a zombie invasion gametype... has anyone thought about a zombie that has a ranged weapon? Perhaps one that hurls chunks of rotting flesh at the player? Although that would probably be a lot of work...

                  Also is there going to be the "torso" zombie in this release? The one that drags itself across the ground ala the Krall (I think?)


                    mmmm EvilEngine I cant wait for all new Zombis !!!

                    Just want to say thank you & love you :cry: :heart: :up:


                      Kill4 - I have found that the new monsters for invasion will not hurt you. All they do is swing at you.

                      I have played with the code and found the problem, and even corrected it. It has to do with the MonsterZombieController.

                      While I was doing that I included a few different movement animations that EE has put in so they all don't walk the same.

                      So, when EE finishes the animations please PM me and I will share with you what code changes I have made and you can decide if you want to include them. You may also want to run the changes by someone who has experience just to ensure what I did is correct. And please VERSION EVERYTHING (textures and animations)!!!, if you need help with that I can (with some assistance from Sargon!)

                      EE, nice job man, the models and animations are great!!! I have a question for you.... Is there a way to randomly use different MovementAnims for a monster as they spawn? Currently I have gotten the different zombies to use some different walks but each monster type has the same walk (since I define it in the defaults).


                        Well, I had to include animations in a couple of hours since I had realized that EE had gave me new anims and textures just in time for halloween so I hadn't thought a way to randomize walking animations for each zombie, but just for each type of. Well... it's not simple, coz there isn't any code in Pawn or UnrealPawn or xPawn that manages the anims. So I couldn't find a way to randomize them :cry:

                        Calling them from the controller would take the effect of anims not showing in online game, so, obscenery, if you can give me a hint, send me a PM, also about the monsterzombies don't hurting you. Even if I remember I'd checked it out, and it didn't seem to happen, but, there are no problems sharing the code with you, so I'm glad of your corrections and of course I will write a correct and perfectly randomized, zombie animation code, when EE will give me the full working anims.

                        'Bout the game type. I will make it available when all the animation problems will be solved. For now download Monster Manager, add the monster zombies' classes and enjoy the invasion!


                          Anyways, before I will release the last version, with complete animations, working MonsterZombies, working Game-Type, I'm gonna re-write a big part of the code, because from a simple mutator this is gonna become a consisten modification, with full-customized animations, models, code, etc.

                          So, Big O, if you can, I need you to help me with monster zombies.
                          All you have to do is writing a "MonsterZombie" base class, according to what is there in the ZombieController and zombie's code, trying to make the MonsterZombie appear the a same as the Zombie pawn (same animations, models atc). Anyways we should keep in touch, to coordinate our work. You may send me a mail so I can save your address.


                            Sent you an email.


                              Originally posted by Sinnthetika
                              These look a lot more creepy. More torn up and with bone exposed too and ones that looked like they died in some serious accidents instead of just decayed up. I really like animations on the lower right one.

                              Curious if it's possible for you to make one that had no lower half at all and drags itself along the ground?
                              LMAO. Blow off their legs and get a surprise...


                                I dont know what im doing wrong... I cant get the zombies to spawn in invasion...

                                MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[NM] Zombie",MonsterClassName="NightMareFINAL.MonsterZo mbieAAA",bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=False)

                                I have even tried manually adding this in my monster manager INI and I still cant get it to work... what am I doing wrong?