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Zombies Of Nightmare [FINAL RELEASED]

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    hey kill4, i was wondering how you go about getting zombie invasion setup. do you just start invasion with the zombie of nightmare mutator on or what? any info would be great.


      Monster Zombies

      Oh... yeah, I've forgotten to write up what should you do in order to use the MonsterZombie classes.

      Independently from Monster Manager you can simply run the mutator and play an invasion gametype, and zombies will spawn whenever a monster dies. Then if U uncheck the option "Zombies don't count as score" you will score killing zombies, that's all.

      Instead, using Monster Manager, you can add all the MonsterZombies classes from MonsterZombieAAA to MonsterZombieAAU
      with the names you want (e.g.: [NM] Zombie1...18), to the monster's list, in order to use them in the game and this way have them configurable.

      To add the monsters to monster manager you have to open up the mutator's config dialog, go to the monsters tab, and there you can add, delete, edit all the monster classes you want to.

      For more info, I'm sure that Big O can tell you whatever you need, since he created Monster Manager


        So you made updates and you didnt rename the files? we're going to have tons of mismatches.


          Originally posted by kill4
          Zombies' Animations and Textures should be installed, too.
          Maybe the mutator can't use them. Try putting them in UT2004\FragOps\Animations and UT2004\FragOps\Textures

          The files I'm referring to are:
          Yeah, I did that too. *sniff* I wanna shoot a zombie with a DE!!!



            Due to in the code there's no package dependancy you can rename the package however you want.

            Steps to rename the package:
            -Rename NightMare.u in <something>.u
            -Rename NightMare.ucl in <thesame>.ucl
            -Edit with a text editor the UCL file and change all refs to NightMare to <something>

            Now you have the renamed packages ready for use.
            Sorry but the admins deleted the previous thread where it was explained how to do it...:cry:


              I know HOW to do it, but I think it would have been best if YOU would have done it..... Now you'll have people downloading the same package 5 times with different names from different servers. :\


                Ok, I've updated the packages, that are now renamed. No more version mismatches.

                EDIT: By the way, animations and textures packages cannot be renamed beacause I can't compile the mut if I rename them and change the refs, because they are compiled as they are and there's no way to rename them other than recompiling them, and that's impossible for me. So I don't know, maybe there will be always a version mismatch, but here I can do nothing, really. Anyways, to avoid the version mismatch, is enough to purge the cache. If you havn't got any ideas on how to do it, well, go to your UT2004\Cache directory and delete all files here, but not the folder itself.


                  Hey! This looks really fun!!

                  Well done


                    Is it safe to rename the Texture & Animation files so redirect will work properly using this new update? I am still puzzled as to why whenever u update this you still dont rename ALL the files :sulk: . It just does not make sence bro . Good work tho as always. :up:


                    PS: I did notice the rename of the system files tho. GJ :up:


                      Re: ATTENTION: FINAL VERSION

                      Originally posted by kill4
                      I've just posted the FINAL version....well...animations for fat zombies and female zombies are missing, and for monsterzombies too, but this should be a good assay for you guys... check it out!
                      I guess then this version isn't quite final yet? I hope EvilEngine finishes these animations so that you can include them in the Final version. Thank you for making this kickass mutator it adds life life (or is it afterlife?) to UT. Keep up the great work your mutators rock! :up:


                        I just download it new files and

                        this new Animation Zombis showup .. :heart: :up:
                        but I didnt see it EE's last post Zombi yet ...

                        when they chase me like this ..
                        Im really Scary ..


                          Yeah they are really evil


                            hey can we get everything in a nice umod? please please please :noob:


                              Oh, well.... since those are structured zips, it's not difficult to install them in your UT2004\ directory. Just hit extract to... and than specify the path to your UT2004\ root dir....


                                Thanks a lot... ...been waiting for this one... :up: