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Zombies Of Nightmare [FINAL RELEASED]

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    Originally posted by LorinUT
    Why not just use the ones from Remote-Strike?
    I have three reasons.
    1. The hit particles suck. (they suck for all the weapons)
    2. They´re insanely powerful, they´d blow up a Leviathan in few shots. :bulb:
    3. The sound isn´t so good. Doom 3´s sound effects may be lame but they did the right thing for the Shotgun.

    Everything is imo by the way.


      Need help.

      I have this running with Exteme Invasion, MM, RPG, etc... but I'm getting alot of InjuredData not found for ZombieBinLaden, ZomieDark, ZombieBoney, ZombieRedEye, along with ZombieMummy (probably all); InstigatedData not found for..the same.

      Now everything seems to be working fine, the web configs are working but I noticed in the web configs that things must be in some "" class. Is this because it's not in Zombies Invasion or something else? I have loaded all data in their proper places that I can think of and again they are spawning correctly but filling up the log with all these messages. I ended up putting in 100 for max zombies in map without the 'Spawn Zombies in a wave' and it was spawning 100 per wave...which is cool but the error messages are spiking out my CPU.

      Also, there are no exp points for zombies killed.

      Kill4, can ya help out here?

      Thanks in advance,

      Come on in the water's fineKZXten's Frag Fest


        Hi KZXten!

        I was using the Zombies on my server and had the same thing :-(
        all payers where having lag as soon as the Zombies got into the game.
        ( I used SMP to control them )

        for the exp points: do you spawn them from within MonsterManager?

        by the way - some of the monsters you use, I do no longer use, because of their effect of instability on the server ( like the fireguys with no gun, because of the RPG-MOD )

        like your server anyway and keep up the spirit :-)


          Thanks Mini_Misty 8).

          I guess we are going to try and massage them into monster manager but we are patiently waiting for the newest one to come out. Obscenery is pretty busy and the newest MM might actually handle some of this. As far as the zombies creating exp points welllll that's another story lol. We haven't dedicated alot of time to it, actaully I haven't had much time and vOrTex has done alot of the work. I threw the mod on and it seemed to work fairly well on my test server, evidentally I didn't watch the log enough, then I put it on the live server. After I almost crashed it with a ton of zombies I tuned it down to two per wave with 500 health points just to add something different into the mix. LOL if you have your sound turned up and hear a moan I think it adds to the game other than weapons blasting all over the place.

          Obscenery has helped out quite a few guys with there mods from what I've put together from various posts and forums. And keeping that in mind I'd think he'd most likely put code in his in order to handle other mods if it's not too difficult.

          Regarding the fireguys with no gun, I think we'll fix that so that they will fight back I'm not sure. It's nice to have something for lower level players to that are 'free' points or target practice.

          Hope to see you around yet,

          Come on in the waters fine KZXten's Frag Fest


            Well, if you dont use Zombies invasion, the zombies wont get spawned as monsters, but as pawns, that means any mutator that changes monster's properties won't change their. So you have to use the Zombies Invasion game-type instead...

            About the wave mode:
            It works, I m sure. The problem you described can be caused by the quick death of monthers, that will cause a quick spawn of zombies and thus the "wave" effect...

            Sorry for the late reply..


              Love the zombies, very cool...

              I use it with Monster Manager and it works great when I play offline...

              When I add the zombies to a wave on my server through monster manager their death/gib does not appear...

              they simply disappear, no gibs...

              and you can not headshot them and have them still attack?

              The other animations seem to be fine, walking/reaching for you...

              I did notice in the log that it says the "jump" sequence could not be found for zombie***...

              I have added the the following server packages


              should there be others? or have I left something out or overlooked something?


                I may recheck the monster zombie code with obscenery, coz he wrote in on the base of the code i wrote for the pawn zombies. It have been really hard to port the whole code from pawn to monster since these are really different classes and thus some common errors may occur like animations missing, no gibs etc...


                  Hmmmm, mbProZak that's what I've been using. I'm experiencing play with zombies that deliver no points, so I've tuned it down to a couple per wave with max hp so that they add play value during wave changes and of course something additional to watch out for.

                  Hopefully Obscenery will have a fix for this in his new mm, hopefully due out soon.



                    wouldn't it be great if there was an option to alter the speed of the zombies? so you can make them run supahfast at you and there's no way of avoiding them



                      There are a few different ways to control the zombies, one of which happens to be 'Make Zombies Agressive"! Another is "Zombies Skill' which in turn I believe would make them zero in on you faster along with making you unavoidable.

                      Of course Kill4 can elaborate but those options are available along with about a dozen others which make Zombie Invasion quite configurable.



                        I have a similar problem with tthe AlienInv/EDW mute aliens...

                        Offline they crawl around until they attack you...

                        On the server they don't!


                          looks good i download it at home


                            Is it still posible to aquire this

                            I have been playing on a server that uses this and I wanted to use it in instant action for myself but all the download links are broken. Does anyone have a copy of the required files that they could upload somewhere?


                              Send Buffytheslayer a pm and I am certain she will be able to assist you.


                                Originally posted by fudge_dragon
                                I have been playing on a server that uses this and I wanted to use it in instant action for myself but all the download links are broken. Does anyone have a copy of the required files that they could upload somewhere?
                                Can't you use a cache extractor?

                                But of course the original ZIP is always best, ask Buffy as Nahkti suggested.