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Zombies Of Nightmare [FINAL RELEASED]

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    Zombies Of Nightmare [FINAL RELEASED]

    Name: Zombies Of Nightmare
    Version: FINAL
    Compatibility: UT2004
    When a player is killed a new Zombie of NightMare is created.
    When a Zombie gets killed it won't be restarted.
    The max number of Zombies in the arena is configurable,
    the Zombies' skill and starting health are configurable,
    the Zombies' damage done per second is configurable,
    the Avoid Attack Time (Time before Zombies will not attack you, since you spawn) is configurable (Advanced)
    and the Damage Type used by the Zombies is also configurable (Advanced).
    You can set the Zombies to be very aggressive as well.
    When a Zombie is killed, he drops a pickup (such as health packs, shield packs, udamages, etc..),
    according to a "dropping probabilty" wich can be set in the mutator's options (if set to 0.00 no pickup dropping is allowed).
    You can allow a "special dropping", wich means that in a configurable percent of cases
    a killed Zombie drops a "special" and also configurable pickup (XWeapons.RedeemerPickup as default).
    You can optionally allow Zombies to gib up violently and eventually explode, upon death.
    The "gibbing probability" is configurable as well as the explosion damage, radius,
    damage type, emitter and sound.
    You can optionally choose to don't score a zombie kill.
    Even more options available.

    Fixes since version 1.0:
    1)Dedicated/Listen Server bug (walkin Jacobs) is fixed and now ALL zombie models are avaible in online game!
    2)Made the Mutator a placeable class allowing the in-map binding for themed maps
    3)Now you'll see skeletons going around in the map as well...( for those who want to keep their nightmare skeletons alive! )
    4)Spawning inside an order of Zombies is no longer a problem , because they will wait a configurable number of seconds before attacking you.
    5)Added cool sounds! wow! Thanks to NulEnvoid!! (he told me were to find some great sounds from Quake)
    6)Added the support for Monster Manager suggested and made by Obscenery (aka Big O). Now you can add to the mix of monters all the zombies, too!
    7)Added new cool animations and models from DOOM3 as well (thanks EvilEngine)!
    8)Re-added Zomies Invasion Game-Type.

    Comments: Special greetings to Evil Engine, coz he made the zombies' models! and a special thank to each one who gave feedback.
    Screenshot: <Here>
    Credits: To EvilEngine and the guys who gave feedback.
    Homepage: :alien:
    Download: (All structured zips)

    |System Files|
    |New Zombies Textures|
    |New Zombies Models and Anims|

    |Monster Zombies AddOn|

    Ok, guys. I've added two new very interesting options. If you want, check them out. They should solve many problems.

    Thanks again for feedback.


      yay I got first !!!

      thank you :heart: :up:


        **** this is good. Fore some strange reason i really like this mod in the map "killbillyfarm", with agressive zombies turned on of course, and the more zombies the merrier/messier

        :up: :up:


          Maybe I am doing something wrong, but...

          I cannot get the zombie in invasion. And when I look in the code I don't see anything that extends Monster?


            does this mean I can add all the zombies to monster manager now?


              yes me too !

              Originally posted by obscenery
              Maybe I am doing something wrong, but...

              I cannot get the zombie in invasion. And when I look in the code I don't see anything that extends Monster?
              since update this Final version my Zombi monsters is all gone :cry: :cry:
              Mr Kill4 help us :cry:



                For the moment, no, there is no zombie monster so there is nothing to add to Monster Manager. Unless I have made some mistake, but I am starting to get good at the whole monster thing, and I don't see it.


                One last thing, while I realize that you have no package dependancy and anyone can rename your mutator so there are no download conflicts with redirect servers... It would probably be a really good idea for you to maintain the version number on the mutator (as I do with Monster Manager). The reason I suggest this is that when these server administrators have to maintain a bunch of different mutators, the last thing they need to do is try to figure out which version of the mutator they are running because they had to manually rename it. It could potentially also create conflicts with naming later on down the road (if they don't know what each other is calling it, and they wont). You can choose to do what you want obviously, but if you maintain the version it will just make everyones life a little easier (except yours, I realize that).

                And a question, are you going to release all of the different zombie models as monsters or only one? If you are only going to do one, I would like to volunteer to create a mutator that introduces all of them as monsters (but it would probably be just as easy if you do it).



                  Well I was able to add one of them to Monster Manager with this line, just have to add the rest, since they already exsist I'm sure theres a easy way. Can I have a look at the classes?

                  MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[NM] Zombie",MonsterClassName="NightMare.InvasionZombie ",bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=False)


                    [edit] Got some zombies.

                    limitted to invasion though. otherwise it is very cool!


                      are you saying you have zombies? or your just commenting on the mutator?


                        I have thoroughly looked through the code and can find no monsters, therefore I don't think there are any Invasion monsters in this release.

                        Maybe I am doing something wrong, or somehow the code has been encrypted so I can find them with my search (and I am not at home so I have not decompiled yet), but honestly I doubt it.

                        Although, if you are running Kill4's invasion game type you probably do get his monsters (I haven't tried yet). But it doesn't mean they will work with other invasion game types. Also the Zombies Of Nightmare mutator probably works, so everytime you kill a regular monster a zombie gets spawned... Or at least I would hope so, that is how it used to work.


                          that doesn't make sence though, cause the monsters are there, the skins, the sounds, the movment. It's all there, so how can you say there not there? Myabe when you decrypt they will shine like the sun.


                            Sorry guys... but since I added the option that allows you to make zombies spawn "Invasion-like", I didn't include the monster zombie class in the latest release. As a matter of fact, if you combine that option with the unchecked Zombies don't count as score, you will get an Invasion-like zombie spawning mode, wich allows you to play invasion with the zombies without having them as monster. Let me know what you think, and if necessary, I will add again the InvasionZombie to next release, sure.


                              LOL way to go kill4 make it even harder for us :P how about next release include the class for all the monsters so we can add them to Monster Manager =]