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Vivid Vehicles 1.1 - now supports ECE vehicles

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    Awesome stuff!

    A few suggestions to make it more friendly for serveradmins.

    #exec OBJ LOAD FILE=ColorVehicleSkins.utx PACKAGE=VividVehicles
    #exec OBJ LOAD FILE=GrayOBP.utx PACKAGE=VividVehicles
    That will import your two texture packages into the .u
    Now admins only have to upload 2 files to the server and 1 file to the redirect. Instead of 4 files to the server and 3 to the redirect.

    In the mutator class, you can add this to the default properties to save server admins the trouble of setting serverpackages=.
    Also by doing that clients won't be forced to download it if it's not added to the current gametype.

    It's a good idea to add a version number to the project folder. If you have two different versions with the same name it can cause admins headaches, if they use a public redirect. It also helps clients avoid version mismatch errors. VividVehiclesV11.u, VividVehiclesV12.u

    One could argure that it's better to keep the textures seprate; so in the event of an updated .u it's less for clients to download, as they still have the .utx. Like I said, just some suggestions.

    Awesome stuff, I give it 4/5


      Oh yeah, I forgot about the bAddToServerPackages bit. I'll do that for the next version.

      As for merging in the textures, I don't think I'll do that. For one thing, as I've said before, GrayOBP.utx (the larger of the two) is shared between this and Flag Domination. I don't want people to have to dowload those textures twice if they connect to a FD server with Vivid Vehicles.


        Bringing this back from the dead....

        Couldn't find a better place to post it, sorry. Has anyone gotten this to work properly on any sort of dedicated server? I've installed it as per the directions on mine, and a friend did the same on his, but neither seems to send the information to the clients to use the re-colored skins on their own displays.