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UTComp v1.4b [FINAL] [Updated: 9/27/04]

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    UTComp v1.4b [FINAL] [Updated: 9/27/04]

    Name: UTComp
    Version: v1.4b
    Compatibility: UT2K4
    Description: UTComp is a mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004, intended to be use for competitive and tournament play. It's major features include full serverside brightskins for enhanced visibility, hitsounds, colored names, warmup mode, weapon statistics and a lot more.
    Programming and Design - Aaron 'Lotus' Everitt
    Documentation and Design - Joel 'dnx3' Moffatt
    Scoreboard Design - Anthony 'Ono' Pilger
    Original Team Overlay Design - Adam 'HeyWood' Booth

    UTComp version 1.4b is now available.

    It is a nearly complete overhaul, and it is highly recommended that you update to 1.4b as a number of longstanding issues have been resolved and a number of features added or tweaked.

    Please note, you *MUST* add utcompv14b to your serverpackages, or serverside demos will not record correctly. As well, be sure to look over the readme included with your download, as many serverside configuration variables have changed names, or changed in function.

    Download UTComp v1.4b at GameAmp.

    Make sure to read the readme at GameAmp or in your downloaded file.

    Changelog from 1.4a:
    - Fixed game sometimes starting on its own with no players in time-limited warmup
    - Fixed UT2004 bug where skins would sometimes not show properly in onslaught
    - Added Editor's Choice Bonus Pack models to forcemodel
    - Added Editor's Choice Bonus Pack vehicle icons in team overlay
    - Added Editor's Choice Bonus Pack vehicle statistics in stats

    Changelog from 1.4:
    -- Fixed 100a/50a pickup stats not accumulating.
    -- UTV Playercontroller names now changed to be in line with what is expected by ut2004s4.
    -- Mistakenly reported that ?EnableOverlay= was a servertravel argument, the correct argument is ?EnableTeamOverlay=
    -- Fixed hitting advanced options in gametype voting menu re-selecting the first map in the map list.

    Changelog from 1.3b:
    - Major GUI modifications
    - Fixed a rare server freeze bug
    - Added more Assault, Last Man Standing and Invasion support.
    - Added hud message during warmup
    - Added on-connect information box
    - Fixed coaches being able to see enemy team beacons and health
    - Added option to only give weapons that are in the map played during warmup
    - Improved warmup countdown
    - Chat will now show with scoreboard up if stats are turned off
    - Bots will now re-add themselves in net games after warmup

    - Added preview window to skins/models GUI Page
    - Brightskins types can now be changed separately for both teams, as well as defined clanskins
    - Force Model can also be changed separately for both teams and clanskins
    - Added regular DM skins as an option for bright skins
    - Added unlimited clanskins definitions
    - Clanskins now search through the entire name for the letters typed, instead of just the beginning
    - Removed case sensitivity from clanskins
    - Added option to match hud colors to brightskins settings

    Colored Names:
    - Added colored names saving and restoring

    Team Overlay:
    - Fixed Team Overlay settings not always updating instantly

    - Added custom crosshairs system
    - Added new crosshairs to the custom crossair system
    - Added option to disable the automatic resizing of crosshairs after picking up items

    - Server hitsounds mode now defaults to line of sight

    - Added clikcable map list to voting system
    - Separated Map Vote and Gametype Vote Pages
    - Quick map restarts now stop automatic demo recordings
    - Fixed quick map restarts not working in onslaught
    - Added various game rules to the Gametype Vote Pages
    - Added more game types (Assault, Double Domination, Bombing Run) to the default gametypes
    - Fixed some short map names not working in voting
    - Added VotingTimeLimit server side variable
    - Added VotingPercentRequired server side variable

    Auto Demo/SS:
    - Server side demos with %p in the demo mask are now named properly.

    - Added item pickup stats on scoreboard
    - Added stats for vehicle damage and superweapons.
    - Added options to turn stats on and off in the scoreboard.
    - Fixed stats not working with instagib and custom weapon mutators

    - Added serverside Static mutators to options for voting
    - Added bShowTeamScoresInServerBrowser server side variable
    - Added server side variable (WarmupReadyPercentRequired) to control % of players who need to ready up to start a game
    - Fixed bugs with Spaceship vehicles in Assault
    - Added ?BrightSkinsMode, ?HitSoundsMode, ?EnableOverlay, ?EnableWarmup and ?EnableDoubleDamage servertravel parameters
    - Mutator name is now MutUTComp again, fixing filters. (All previous UTComp versions used this, but 1.3b accidentally didn't)

    Changelog from 1.4 Beta3:

    # Fixed bug with specs not always showing on scoreboard
    # Added preview window to brightskins
    # Separated Enemy/Teammate based skins and Enemy/Teammate based models
    # Map list in voting now only shows maps for the current or selected gametype.
    # Added serverside option to allow map votes on any map, regardless of current gametype.
    # Fixed Team Overlay settings not always updating instantly
    # Fixed double damage not always showing properly on team overlay
    # Added hud message during warmup
    # Fixed first red player's name not showing in server side auto demorec
    # Fixed some vehicle and superweapon stats not being named properly
    # Fixed serverside autodemorec when warmup is disabled
    # Improved item pickup scoreboard stats

    Lotus, you and UTComp make me horny. Let's threesome.


      Originally posted by Virax
      Lotus, you and UTComp make me horny. Let's threesome.
      get in line.


        Originally posted by Tropic
        get in line.
        Will do, massa'!

        Anyhow Lotus, thanks for the heads up. Glad to see the continual support for the competitive community.

        EDIT: I've now got this up on PlanetUnreal.


          Awesome! Great job.


            thy deed is great. But I think you should have mentioned pakman in credits, cause TTM2003 was the base.


              VeC Site

              Added this mutator to the VeC Site so you can rate, search, and download some more maps, mutators, mods, utils, if you register You can also add your clan homepage or any other links that has to do with UT, UT2K3, UT2K4

              Because this is rather important news i also made a newsupdate!


                .zip is mirrored here
                Great mutator, btw :up:


                  Originally posted by Virax
                  Lotus, you and UTComp make me horny. Let's threesome.
                  lol ^^




                      Just a question: How do you turn off the thing that makes you start with extra health and all weapons, thats really annoying...


                        As per the readme... you are talking about warmup, just put bEnableWarmup to false in your config, or turn it off in webadmin.


                          Thanks for helping me, i also discovered that TDM is much better without teamskins :up:


                            Originally posted by Daspadger
                            Thanks for helping me, i also discovered that TDM is much better without teamskins :up:
                            Without? Watchoo' talkin' 'bout, foo'?


                              Originally posted by Virax
                              Without? Watchoo' talkin' 'bout, foo'?


                              clear enough?