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    Name : DM-Assimilation
    Version: 1.00
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description:Outdoor-desert themed map;created for large-scale combat!(6+ players)
    Comments: Large d/l size coz zip comes with custom track;older players will know whats this about..=)


    Argh...thay suck ;but...


    lets see;

    pcgamemods link:

    and nali city/ link :


    if you by any chance mirror this file please post link...

    Thats it;have fun...

    One link to assimilate them all

    This map now has additional mirrors, including a magnet link for peer-to-peer downloading via the Gnutella network, screenshots and additional information at the following URL:


      Re: DM-Assimilation

      Davs: there's also another map included in the archive called "DM-MeteorStorm." Is it a different variation of Assimilation or a completely different map?


        Both maps share same base ;so Meteor Storm would be sister-map !
        MeteorS. would be DM-Assimilation during meteor storm - 1/4 of the map base map + more-o-custom stuff....(music,meshes etc.)

        thanks for the link:heart:


          Added this nice map to the VeC Site so you can rate, search, and download some more maps, mutators, mods, utils, if you register You can also add your clan homepage or any other links that has to do with UT, UT2K3, UT2K4


            DM map ... my fav gametype ... looks very nice so of course I have to check it out. :up:


              Well this map surprised me ! I loved the rock textures ... some of the best I have seen and man sneaky ways to hide and snipe ... plenty of open room but some close combat fighting to if you get hemmed in. I just wanted to see a more visually captivating skybox .. but when you get a cool map that exceeds your expectations, with good gameflow and bots, and great texturing you just say ... Thank you. :up:




                  DM-DavS-Assimilation and DM-DavS-MeteorStorm

                  Like the medium/large-sized map setting with rock textures, downhill desert terrain and mothership detail hideout. This map has some good sniping and hiding anywhere you go (you will find the sniper rifle or shock rifle somewhere for perfect aim!). The skybox is good, fun wide gameplay and the bots are decent (sometimes they're very clever, no doubt ).

                  The author's other map DM-DavS-MeteorStorm is included in this pack: It has some same aspects as this map does, with sunset scenery, forcefield skybox with meteor showers, new jump pads, and different gameplay.

                  - Downloaded from "UT2004 Mappack B" by RvA at L4Y.

                  Three mirrors:
         (Insite over GameFront)



                    too wide-open for DM, not enough weapon pickups, bland and gameplay blows, especially when you end up falling through the map for no reason and have to look at multiple cat pictures; scenery isn’t too bad though, good custom music and the bots are good (and at least it’s a Skaarj theme).