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    Name: ONS-Aeterna
    Version: 1
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: Lands of Eternity, a medium/big-sized ONS map, set in the evening (so you can see the red sun ans fel its light...) Final release after 2 betas (which were only for some persons). Also my first real attempt to put Maya's meshes in the game... 12-16 players recommended
    Comments: hehe my first post here ^^ Hope you'll like the map

    Credits: Me, me, me... oh, yeah. My clanmates and the betatesters of course
    Homepage: (ok, not really my website... but my ftp is just for hosting maps)
    Download: here (.zip) or here (.ut4mod)
    Have fun!

    Additional Mirrors...

    Sdruifos also submitted this to Mapraider and it is now mirrored for him there as well


      Gotcha :up: Thanks.



        I liked this map ... it has a nice unique look to it ... very nice colors and the Anuban/Mayan/Inca theme worked very well. I would have liked to have had a really powerful music score but hey I'm just glad I get another ONS map to add to my collection.

        The only areas I think you might want to look at are:

        - Bot pathing ... bots aren't terrible but they could be smarter ... they get stuck and don't drive well but we all know that this is also due in part to the nature of ONS bot AI.

        - Bots got stuck in a loop when teleporting sometimes ... twice I observed a bot stuck in this loop. It is one of the teleporters outside on an upper region which links to a bottom one ..

        - Waterfall effect does need improvement in order for this map to rea;y come alive. Some of the trees may need to be reworked ... take a look ... this is an artisitic issue so you may not really care.

        - Gameflow & fps - well the flow was not bad ... on-line players may have better suggestions on this map. I couldn't really see a way to make it just perfect (but I admit more time is necessary on my part). fps was good on my system.

        - terrain may need to be reworked (particularly the dirt paths and areas on the hill/rock mt. sides. Texturing on the boulders may need to be reexamined to be certain that is the look you were going for ... some of these rocks (rocky formations) don't appear to have the correct texture (but hey I have bad eyes so ....)

        So I will defintely be playing this again and would say that everyone should at least check it out once a couple of key areas are attended to. But hey this map is nice so you should feel real good about providing the community with quality content. Keep up the good work. Peace.


          Added this nice map to the VeC Site so you can rate, search, and download some more maps, mutators, mods, utils, if you register You can also add your clan homepage or any other links that has to do with UT, UT2K3, UT2K4


            So I played it again and this time it was more enjoyable ... someone had my fav superweapon ... the Orbital!! ... well that was really cool.

            The map ran well enough on my system but there could be a little room for improving the fps.

            Still the outside textures could benefit from some revamping. And the gameplay seems a bit bogged down near the waterfall area. But that may have been a strategic decision and they are many better ONS strategy folks than me.

            I did notice that sometimes its a bit tough to get that raptor all the way out the structure ... sometimes you have to leave through the front open area ... which was cool as it added some variety.

            The skybox is a wild dream ... night and day and beautiful shades of color ... very dreamlike and surreal ... and I like that alot :up:

            But here again those trees look to plain ... not otherwordly enough so it appears to clash with the rest of the map's theme imho of course ... again that may be an artistic decision.

            Well that is all for me until the next time. Peace.


              Now playing on CyberManX's Reality.


                Didnt see this thread ----> Good map :up:


                  Some feedback, mostly opinions...

                  Interesting visuals with the buildings and waterfalls and all, though I'm not too particular about the red wash.

                  The terrain and buildings contribute to gameplay, offering multiple paths, stuff to hide behind and ridges to fire down from.

                  The default setup chokes at the last node. The defenders get there quicker than the attackers, so it kinda leads into overtime at that point. I created a setup with two primary nodes, and had twice as much fun with it.

                  The trees look like they're just glued to the grass. The ground beneath them does not look different (no leaves or roots) and they cast no shadow.


                    Wow...This map looks tight. Definate Download here


                      thank you for nice map !

                      mmmm you make my game folder more big :cry: :up:


                        Just saying thanks for a great map Sdruifos :up:

                        I just love that building architecture especially the one with the Ion Painter inside.

                        The reflecting pool of water is magnificent too.

                        Well done and again thankyou