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    Name: Blazing Chase
    Version: MSU release
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: Blazing Chase is a highly dynamic and technically advanced map offering both unique visual effects and gameplay.
    Comments: Well I've run out of time so here it is. Feel free to love it or hate it; it's all good. I may do some revising later although I'm definately taking a break from it I've worked almost non-stop the last few days (and still couldn't complete everything ah well that's how it goes).

    Credits: Me. Hate the gameplay if you want but I deserve some credit for all the problems I had to overcome in making this thing work.
    DigitalBacon for owning in general.
    AcidReflux for hosting the betas on Wolf.
    Wormbo for online material trigger compatibility.
    I dunno, other people probably, I'm too tired to think of more.
    Unreal Playground mirror
    MapRaider mirror

    Added this nice map to the VeC Site so you can rate, search, and download some more maps, mutators, mods, utils, if you register You can also add your clan homepage or any other links that has to do with UT, UT2K3, UT2K4


      Looks like another racing 'assault' from here, but I'll give it a try.


        It's not another racing map, it's far beyond that.

        Besides using some of his trademark cel shaded textures, ACC made basically a high speed equivalent of AS-Convoy. You run around on these flying ships trying to do various things.

        I didn't get to play it for long enough to give a full critique, but there are a few things I hope were fixed. The ships guns were partially invisible, and sometimes the launcher that throws you to the ship would be marked incorrectly (and you end up dying). Jumping on some ships ends up with you dying as well.

        But besides those minor nit picks, this is an awesome assault map, one of the few!


          Looks like you didn't completely finish it graphically? The city layout is really nice now. Must've taken FOREVER to do.

          I think this map turned out pretty well. All I gotta do now is play it a couple times, see how well it plays out.


            Tola >> Not a racing map although the name does sound like it.

            FuschiaShades >> Well I meant to go back and detail the textures so they weren't solid colour but ran out of time.
            The ships guns are just a problem that's been there from the start and despite all 50 different ways I tried to fix them they still manage to screw up. I gotta hand it to Epic, when they make bugs they make seriously heavy-duty bugs.

            Snorelax >> Actually the entire city (aside from the track) was done in a few hours, probably the fastest thing I managed to do on the map (which really just means I was **** slow at everything else )


              Where are the screenshots for the love of Gord?


                Additional mirrors and screenshots

                Originally posted by -Loric- Where are the screenshots for the love of Gord?
                Screenshots and more mirrors at the URL below.

                Wow. That is an original map. If you get motion sickness, you may want to take some Dramamine beforehand

                This map now has additional mirrors (no registration required), including a magnet link for peer-to-peer downloading via the Gnutella network, screenshots and additional information at the following URL:



                  *whistles* How long d'you suggest the map runs? Half an hour?

                  I've never seen such a frag fest. Those bots were leaving heads all over the place. If I ever intend to see the end of it, I'm either going to have to turn the difficulty down... or play against some humans.


                    I'll get this up on Wolfgaming today.


                      Cool concept! I love the way those ships cruise down that never-ending and quite varied l33t techno highway.

                      I could have used some more help from my team, though. They did so-so at the start (while I fell to my death half a dozen times trying to catch an outbound ship :bulb: ). However, the final two objectives they left for poor little me to complete. Jumping from ship to ship while being shock rifled from several angles took me about 5 minutes, dodging across a huge flat surface with 3-6 Masterful bots trying to headshot me took me about 10 minutes... Good thing I had the match length set to 30 minutes!

                      Of course, it took me a while to catch on to how the boarding signs worked and where I was supposed to go... but bot support in the final 30% of the map would be a good thing.


                        -Loric- >> Where are the screens? Why, they're in the first post. You must be blind

                        kiddailey >> Thanks for the mirror. Yay for motion sickness.

                        Tola >> Well bots are really not... functional, really, although I managed to get them to do a few of the objectives. And because it's a very "open" level high level bots will smoke you real bad in some parts.
                        With humans, as it should really be played, 10 minutes should be very managable. If I'm attacking, you're looking at closer to 5.

                        AcidReflux >> Of course you will because you rock. :up:

                        Xyx >> Yeah... bots don't do the last two. I briefly tried and failed to get them to ride the turret ship, and then had to move on to more pressing matters. May give it another shot sometime though.


                          Cool concept, but the jump pads, and ships need a lot of work. if you were on one of the large moving platforms at the end, the second you got shot or jumped the platform would move out from under you. I don't see why you didn't make those like any othe ship on your level?

                          The jumpads missed A LOT. It seemed to do with the fact that the ships were always changing position, but if you have a destination for a jump pad the destination should not dissapere or change location. This seemed to happen the most after an objective was compleated.

                          Lastly the transports could use some tweeking. The small ones need to be triger bases rather than time based. Because they are time based, you have no idea if the platform you are jumping to is going to take off b4 you land on it, unless you actualy saw it arrive. Fell and died that way several times.

                          Also, the pace seems to slow down a lot at the last 2 objectives, I'm not sure if it was because my defense bots weren't as agressive, or becase it was a lot of standing around praying i don't get sniped, but if you could enhance game pay some how there, that would be aewsome :up:

                          Don't jet me wrong, this map has potential to be one of the best AS maps out there, just needs some tweeking, especialy when dealing with the jump pads.

                          Over all a very good AS map, and a refeshing change to the **** race maps we were plauged with in the begining of UT2004. Good job dude :up:


                            If you could somehow make it a bit clearer what to do when, I think that would improve the map.
                            I got confused on how to get from one ship to the next a few times.
                            Dying and respawning confused me as well, because it took me a while to get my bearings since everything looks relatively similar.

                            I like the concept and the map itself though!
                            As has been said before, it could be better with a bit more tweaking.
                            That's my two pence worth.


                              for me the best Assault Map.

                              Great work!:up: