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Robostorm Mod Released

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    Great !!!

    I playing lot too :heart:
    I cant wait for Next version
    so next version have more new vehicle Robot too?
    I hope so ..
    thank you !:up:


      yay, it's not dead !!

      i really like this mod :up:


        Glad to hear people still play. I cant ever find any servers myself!

        There will definately be some new characters. ECE vehicles and all that.
        I am considering having CTF and Deathmatch modes use Onslaught maps (script will replace base nodes with flags). And we want to come up with an original gametype. We also want specialized weapons, so that the characters vehicle mode weapon will be the primary weapon in robot mode.


          Just got around to installing this.
          It's actually pretty fun :up:

          There are a few issues tho...
          First off, in ONS, the weapon fire originates from above the head the other player(was most obvious with MantaBot and LinkGun)
          Should add some custom scripting to adjust the various Offsets based on which class is being used.

          Second, on a lot of maps(CTF mostly), the vehicle form is just way too big to fit within the geometry/terrain.
          Maybe consider scaling the vehicle forms down a bit as well?

          Third, bot AI is kinda borked, they get stuck in a transform loop where it appears they should be trying to jump/dodge

          Fourth, more opinion than anything else, the vehicle skins, well... suck.
          I think they'd look more impressive if the color was more spaced out.
          Tank is kinda the worst of all of them.

          Here's some quickie tweaks I did(not that thoroughly colored, just added more based off of default tank skin)


            Ah, I remember playing this mod!

            I was absolutely blown away by the cool transforming animations. Any time I ever happened to be watching Transformers or one of those shows, it always blew my mind how they used every little part of the vehicle and made it into a robot. Very cool to do it with UT2k4 vehicles. My favourite is the raptor


              I think more server would use this mod if the vehicles spawned like the regular ones... then the players could transform once in them and it would be like wearing big robot armour.

              some of the vehicles could eject the other passengers if they transform (but not the driver) or maybe keep all in the robot and have them control some weps.

              When the robots transform, each one could have its' own special wep or incorporate the ones from the vehicles. The tank robot could have a turret strapped to his arm and have it fire like the tank turret but a bit bigger boom



                Actually, I think players should spawn in robot form instead of vehicle


                  Random feedback:
                  • Very cool transformations!
                  • I keep having to press F4 to switch to 1st person view when I change to robot mode.
                  • I'd like to be able to pick up powerups and activate nodes in vehicle mode.
                  • There's no real reason to switch to robot mode, except to pick up powerups and activate nodes, use link or once in a blue moon use a sniping weapon.


                    Originally posted by Xyx
                    *I keep having to press F4 to switch to 1st person view when I change to robot mode.
                    Yea, I know what you mean. Seperate viewpoint setting for robot/vehicle are needed(if possible)

                    *There's no real reason to switch to robot mode, except to pick up powerups and activate nodes, use link or once in a blue moon use a sniping weapon.
                    Actually, being in robot mode can make you more deadly than vehicle if you have an avril(all are 200 Health)


                      After months of silence a plethera of comments!

                      All of your suggestions have been noted. Some Ideas have already been implemented in a new build, others may be considered.

                      Your feedback is most appreciated.

                      BTW is anyone in the forums from the UK? Our mod was on the DVD that came with an English PC Games magazine back in January. I would love to have a copy. I dont know if there was an article or not.


                        To be honest, I didn't really care until about a month ago



                          Is this mod still being worked on? The homepage url seems to be expired


                            God i hope its still alive!!

                            I loved the models i just hope they make the 3 ECE vehicles in their next release!


                              Is there anyway to make the view switch to 1st automaticly when you become a robot? The only problem I have with the game is that I have to manualy make the switch to keep my aim from being messed up.


                                Wow What a **** off than?