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      what no transforming lev? (where is a devil smilee when ya need one)


        Originally posted by bullethole inc
        And yes, I can't wait to get my hands on the Editor's choice vehicles.
        We also want to do the other UT2004 vehicles: spaceships, ion tank, and oh yes, Leviathan!
        Patience, my young padawan...

        Feature suggestion:
        Combiner Bots! Several smaller bots combine to form a large gestalt. (prolly a bit difficult though :noob: )


          Love the idea. I can't believe I didn't think about this being such a great transformers fan.

          Some comments
          1. Give it the classic 80s transformation sounds.
          2. Could different classes have different life points. The tank is very lopsided because it has 200 life like the others and dies easily. Maybe they should have the same life in robot mode as each other, but not in robot mode.


          Tank in robot mode is 200/200 while in tank mode its 1500/1500 and make them proportional, so that if you have 750/1500 and you transform it goes to 100/200


            You guys site doesnt work right for me, the images for the links are there but then there are text links under them.

            Also, if you guys want a forum, goto and grab some free vB forums with full control (also free clanpages/forums with full control for anyone interested).


              so fun !

              thank you for make nice & fun mod
              could you make UnWheel cool car Robo too ?


                Very Sweet! a few bugs, but I think that this map will REALLY take off! Way to think outside the box!


                  The mechanoids are much bigger in "closed" (vehicle) form as in "opened" (robot) form.
                  This is a little annoying...


                    Re: so fun !

                    Originally posted by buffytheslayer
                    thank you for make nice & fun mod
                    could you make UnWheel cool car Robo too ?
                    that would be a very cool idea
                    maybe even from other mods that has vehicles (like the Panzer IV from Red Orchestra)

                    oh ya and add the ut2k4 bomber and levi (should either use missile's or turrets(powered down for balance))
                    and maybe the bulldog



                      The friendly paper pushers over at Epic have asked us nicely to remove the UT2004 elements from our logo. And since they asked nicely we complied. While I was at it, I made an attempt to improve the behind view weapons aiming. Although not perfect, it is definately improved. v1.1 is available in four different formats for your convienence.

                      1) a umod patch
                      2) a zipped directories patch
                      3) umod v1.1 full download
                      4) zipped directories v1.1 full download

                      Since everything is nice and legal, we probably won't be doing any updates until v2.0.

                      BIG things are planned.

                      Thanks for your support.
                      Bullethole Studios



                        Thanks for fixing the aiming. I really like the mod.............good work. :up:


                          Sweet, Now is there going to be a leviathan transformer in the next version? I would'nt blame you if you said it was to difficult :haha:


                            you know what would be sweet?

                            if they made the transformed leviathan look like the sdf1 from robotech!!

                            that would be the best thing in the world. OMG! i'd seriously die from the coolness.


                              F4 is the defalt change veiw key for any model unless your online and its disabled if in a vehical just scroll in with the mouse untill your in first person


                                Since ECE Bonus pack has been for some day's now,
                                why dont you make robo's from

                                SPMA :

                                and while we are on the subject
                                and Bomber and maybe levi