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    Name: VCTF-UP-MilitaryFortPT
    A heavily defended futuristic fort constructed by military forces in preparation for war. Vicious battle erupts as teams use Raptors and tanks to support ground troops blasting their way to the flag, then using Hellbenders to make their escape. Base defenders should expect attacks to come from all directions, and snipers can use the high walkways to their advantage.
    This is my entry for the Unreal Playground VCTF Mapping Competition. The map began as a remake of MountainTownPT but has now become a very different map. I hope you enjoy it


    Credits: Map created by Paul 'Advan' Turner. I would also like to credit the great map VCTF-LonesomeGlen and its author Blitz, for enabling me to solve some VCTF mapping problems I had. Also thanks to all testers of the MountainTown beta for their suggestions.

    Alternate link :
    See posts below for more download links

    Additional mirrors...

    This map now has additional mirrors (6 total as of this post), including a magnet link for peer-to-peer downloading via the Gnutella network, screenshots and additional information at the following URL:


    The Gamespot and mirrors are also now listed.


      Thanks :up:


        Of course you know I had to download this map!!! Still having fun with VCTF Mt. town but those TLs are giving me real grief lol

        So ahh yes another in the futuristic looking department ... Cool that this is how that map evolved ... I always liked it and I'm sure I'll enjoy this one. Man and I was just getting over VCTF and you and some others go filling up my HDD.

        I already know a little about this map (heh heh) so ...

        :up: :up:

        Peace and good luck in the MSUC ... now I finally know what happened.


          Hey AnubanUT2, thanks for the support as always :up:

          One question, what do you mean by "TLs" in MountainTown?


            No prob ... you make maps I like so you don't make it hard to give you my personal :up:

            TLs ... I meant the translocators ... man they just throw me off but actually since I never play with them it was kind of cool to have to deal with maniacs escaping my wraith and serving me some major damage (since I usually win this was a big change ). Peace. I just need to play this map real quick and see if you got me again ....


              :up: :up:

              Ion Tanks you say!!! Yaaayyy! In a really well designed VCTF map ... WOW! Yes this is now my fav VCTF map ... man it had it all and no trans YEAH!!! Raptor, HBs, Ion, Goliath man that's all I need to get crazy!!! Great fps ... man the bots were so smart ... it was a real battle ... imagine my horror when I realized that an Ion Tank had targeted me and I had nowhere to go!! Arrrghhh!

              This map was a blast ... so much fun and that is what we all want after all. I just love blowing away an enemy in a Goliath tank with one shot from my Ion Tank ... especially after he's blown a teammate a bits! Man this is the one for me ... you did it again ... I won't be able to stop playing this map. Very cool!


                Some more download links for this map: