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    Nice dling


      Thanks everyone!

      DaNIGHT: The deemer actually was in the original UT99 map, CTF-Football. The 2003 title music was left in intentionally. I thought it had the right sound for this theme. Nice idea for the trigger! Maybe in a LE or SE version down the road

      Crotale: Maybe some pillars would work there. Spectator static meshes would raise the field poly count too much.


        :up: :up:


          Cool. I was hoping you were going to release it for 2004.
          And it was my pleasure to let you take what I did and make it 10x better.



            Love the lighting and crowd cheering sound in the football field. I love this map, however, some of team logos have been changed to new ones in this decade. Fun wide gameplay and the bots are good, also my team would be defending with this one.

            - Downloaded from "UT2004 Mappack E" by RvA at L4Y.

            Author preview:

            Three working links:
   (author's direct DL link, currently active).


              And here we are with another classic remake of a UT map (with a UT3 version out there somewhere also that I actually played before this one) and a good one at that. I think I remember playing the original UT version, but didn't keep it. It looks very clean with a good skybox (moon in skybox with stars and surrounding city). I like the team signs and "interesting" posters/banners, but do you have all the NFL teams? Ah, Pepsi and Coke too....the memories....well, because a lot of old UT CTF maps had Pepsi and Coke also. This one needs a different music track, but I like the textures, colors, lighting/shadows, crowd and somewhat balance of wide-open and tight gameplay. It has the ol' classic gameplay you would expect with good weapon/item placement as well as selection and the bots are very good; you better grab the flag and skedaddle out of the base before they gang up on you. You're also a sitting duck in the middle of the field.







                Direct mirror added to


                  Yup, I based my remake (in my sig) on Axeman's 2003/04 version which I believe was based on the original UT99 by John Paul 'Decker' Jones -

                  Hell of a fun map for sure; I was thinking about doing one last final update on my map with some of the newer trick stuff I can pull off these days.

                  - Nice job on all the mirrors dudes.


                    Nice map. I have it on my invasion server: It plays the UT2004 theme for me (The menu mod I use changes the music the UT2003 menu for some reason, so I replaced the file with the UT2004 song.)

                    The UT2003 menu does sound very "Monday Night Football" though.