ONS-TIM-Slate SE Final

Special Edition Final
-Fixed messed up molten metal
-Made it so that rain does not appear inside the volcano isle
-Added small details
-Added bridges
-Replaced one of the AA Hellbenders in the Volcano Cavern with an Ion Plasma Tank
-Fixed pathing issues on volcano isle
-Made it so that it doesn't rain under structures
-Made it so that it doesn't rain under the Power Core roof structures
-Changed turret respawn time from 15 to 40 seconds
-Added 2 more [short] bridges
-Fixed a great deal of vehicle bot pathing issues (Now they use ground vehicles more often! Yay!)
-Added a scorpion to each base
-Added a AA Hellbender to each base's outpost (small lower island)
-Redid Radar Map at a higher resolution
-Added several link setups

Nine floating islands of varying sizes with an airborne onslaught battle happening. Special Edition FINAL

Botpathing is pretty good, decent at worst. They use the bridges and Raptors, etc.


The burning wreckage of a Raptor and his inept pilot lie shattered and rotting at the base of the volcano island and I'm rambling on and on...

The AA Hellbender! (Included in the map)

Picnic tables at the forest isle

Molten Metal at the factory isle

Massive bridges connect some of the islands

Driving on the bridge during a dynamic rain shower

Me for mapping plus a couple static meshes
Epic/DE for the game and all the stuff that came with it
MarZer for dynamic rain
Grinning Hermit for assault turrets in onslaught


Thanks: (in the order that they started posting [i think])

AnubanUT2 - Great feedback from the very beginning release and faithful in the entire history of this map :up: :up:

kiddaily - Providing alternate download links for pretty **** near everything

Xyx - Great technical feedback on gameplay, etc. BTW, where has he disappeared to?

robo422 - Feedback that's straight to the point and comes quickly so that I get get to work right away

Coriolis - Awesome feedback on the same level as Xyx (which is pretty high)

MarZer - Feedback and great help setting up his dynamic rain in this map

~RIP~Maverick=F - Told me about a major problem while playing online (which I couldn't do because I can't host a server)

CBA'ken - Providing d/l links in the VeC site

I referred to the ONS-TIM-Slate threads to come up with this list

BTW: If I missed anyone, it was an honest mistake and PM me and I'll fix it.