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ONS-TIM-Slate SE Final

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    ONS-TIM-Slate SE Final

    ONS-TIM-Slate SE Final

    Special Edition Final
    -Fixed messed up molten metal
    -Made it so that rain does not appear inside the volcano isle
    -Added small details
    -Added bridges
    -Replaced one of the AA Hellbenders in the Volcano Cavern with an Ion Plasma Tank
    -Fixed pathing issues on volcano isle
    -Made it so that it doesn't rain under structures
    -Made it so that it doesn't rain under the Power Core roof structures
    -Changed turret respawn time from 15 to 40 seconds
    -Added 2 more [short] bridges
    -Fixed a great deal of vehicle bot pathing issues (Now they use ground vehicles more often! Yay!)
    -Added a scorpion to each base
    -Added a AA Hellbender to each base's outpost (small lower island)
    -Redid Radar Map at a higher resolution
    -Added several link setups

    Nine floating islands of varying sizes with an airborne onslaught battle happening. Special Edition FINAL

    Botpathing is pretty good, decent at worst. They use the bridges and Raptors, etc.


    The burning wreckage of a Raptor and his inept pilot lie shattered and rotting at the base of the volcano island and I'm rambling on and on...

    The AA Hellbender! (Included in the map)

    Picnic tables at the forest isle

    Molten Metal at the factory isle

    Massive bridges connect some of the islands

    Driving on the bridge during a dynamic rain shower

    Me for mapping plus a couple static meshes
    Epic/DE for the game and all the stuff that came with it
    MarZer for dynamic rain
    Grinning Hermit for assault turrets in onslaught


    Thanks: (in the order that they started posting [i think])

    AnubanUT2 - Great feedback from the very beginning release and faithful in the entire history of this map :up: :up:

    kiddaily - Providing alternate download links for pretty **** near everything

    Xyx - Great technical feedback on gameplay, etc. BTW, where has he disappeared to?

    robo422 - Feedback that's straight to the point and comes quickly so that I get get to work right away

    Coriolis - Awesome feedback on the same level as Xyx (which is pretty high)

    MarZer - Feedback and great help setting up his dynamic rain in this map

    ~RIP~Maverick=F - Told me about a major problem while playing online (which I couldn't do because I can't host a server)

    CBA'ken - Providing d/l links in the VeC site

    I referred to the ONS-TIM-Slate threads to come up with this list

    BTW: If I missed anyone, it was an honest mistake and PM me and I'll fix it.

    looks very nice


      At last! ION TANKS!!! :up: :up:

      Jefe did you get my PMs? Peace.


        TS I just sent you a PM. Don't get upset when you read it ... I'm not that perturbed at all. Peace man


          Ok, I edited the first post to show the people I give my thanks to.


            Originally posted by T-Shinzon
            Ok, I edited the first post to show the people I give my thanks to.
            Are you upset with me because you named me first and made me stand out a bit too much ... Oh no I am not ungrateful so don't throw your arms up in disgust. I just meant I didn't deserve the big thumbs up. I didn't do that much but hell thank you I do feel very honored (honestly all I was hoping for was a small mention at the bottom ... seriously) What a really nice ego boost and if you knew what type of day I have had you would know I needed one ... big time. And I am more than positive X will be around ... he's a pretty busy elite player in all seriousness. I wouldn't be surprised if he is doing serious strategic testing on four or five maps at once and we know how much time THAT kind of testing takes.


              Additional mirrors...

              kiddaily - Providing alternate download links for pretty **** near everything
              lol You didn't have to do that, but thanks - I have a passion for helping mappers (and gamers) out. Speaking of links, here are some more mirrors (2 - 1 http, 1 P2P) for this cool new version:



                TS (you great appreciative developer) check your PM. You rule all the way around! :up:


                  Haven't had a chance to download this yet, but from the screenies, it looks very nice! :up:


                    Looks nice, but you should check your PM's more often so that Anuban doesn't have to flood the thread with posts telling you to check your PM's. :up:


                      Okay I played this baby for over an hour and I have lots to say and some pics to post so don't go anywhere I'll be right back!

                      Alrighty let's get into it. This is Ownage ... let us make no mistake about it. It deserves to be mentioned on every major UT Server. Yes Virax ... you especially need to let everyone know about this treasure.

                      The layout is fantastic and the gameplay is near perfect (from an IA point of view of course). I haven't been that immersed in a battle in a long time. And this time it was no Onslaught ... even teams, no arkon shields, and no chutes! Inhuman setting to boot and for me that is good ... especially when I am just trying to get a feel for the gameplay and really enjoy the splendor of the map.

                      Well for the first 25 minutes I was into trying to use everything I could ... I haven't used that much strategy and tried that hard to win in a few weeks. But then I started checking things out. The Dweather was working like a charm! The Volcano and molten steel caused real dmamage. The bridges were very well placed ... and the AA HBs were top notch!

                      I did have a few gripes (some I will express with pics soon) but the biggest ones for me were the GTank couldn't work on Ramps ... now didn't you say they worked on the concept map thread. If they aren't supposed to work that makes sense and so forget this issue. Are the bots supposed to work correctly without a vehicle on the Jump pads ... I don't really think they should since these are vehicle ramps so if this was the plan then that worked out fine ... I almost always died. :up:

                      Now my BIGGEST single complaint is that I was looking for the Ion tank all over the place and I couldn't find it ... please tell me where it is ... even if you have to do it offline ... I mean that was one of the biggest changes I was looking forward to. I was all over the map and I captured all but one node at least once and I never saw it spawn. Don't spoil it for the rest of the patient people though so I guess offline would be best.

                      Also there is a spot in the Volcano where if you drop down into it you get stuck and don't die ... if you jump around and dodge jump a few times you can get unstuck and then you die. Death should happen before you even hit the bottom. That Volcano is ablaze.

                      And lastly I got stuck using the AAHB on the Molten Steel Island when I was coming down that one ramp with all the metal bumps ... why are they there if this is a ramp I need to come down in order to get to the Jump ramp ... and the only way I dislodged was too spawn a Manta underneath it. So you may want to revisit that one ramp and make it less of an obstacle course to get down .

                      I think I gave you good descriptions of the issues I encounters so if you still want the screenshots just let me know.

                      My goodness I haven't had that much exciting competitive fun with the bots in a little while. Good job with the fps and optimizations with so much going on in this map. If I could just have gotten that Ion Tank (actually no one grabbed it in that whole hour plus match and the bots did not use the Redeemer either. I was the only one that used that and a Target Painter ... but that may not have been an actual weapon to get on that map)!

                      I loved the bridges but they don't look destructible and I didn't try and i don't recall any bot even bothering to try ... those are secure structures that look the part! So you must have dropped that idea of mine which frankly may not have worked here ... except on the short bridges ... you may want to try just one and see how it plays on this map before completely dropping that idea but actually I don't know how much more if anything you should add to this near perfect masterpiece of an ONS map.

                      And again perhaps on this map that is not a good idea I had ... it seemed cool at the time but now I am happy with things as they are Still on those short ones I can't help but think of how much carnage that would cause. of couse you did add those deadly turets so it would be hard to take it out ... but I wonder if you can use AS explosives on an ONS map ... if you could plant explosiives on bridges in an ONS map that would be just too insane.

                      ... and the AAHB always made the "jumps" for me everytime! A-1 job on that as well man.

                      Hope this helps and this is just one terrific map! Pwnage quality and PU worthy. I really hope Virax sees this dazzling map!


                        Originally posted by SergeantDuke
                        Looks nice, but you should check your PM's more often so that Anuban doesn't have to flood the thread with posts telling you to check your PM's. :up:
                        So two mentions constitutes a flood? Hmmm. Not sure I agree with that one.


                          Excellent map, but I think I've found a bit of a bug. The teleporters used to get up to the top turrets in each base don't seem to work. They play the correct sound and the associated particle effect happens, but players aren't actually teleported anywhere.


                            :noob: :noob: :noob: Yes I am an idiot from time to time. Duh you said where the Ion Tank spawns :bulb: **** sometimes I swear my mind just stops working. Ignore me please. Sheesh! How embarrassing. You may not want people to know I had anything to do with this map. at myself of couse!

                            It really may be time for me to just leave now and say no more ... I feel so ... it's not even worth this thread's space. :sour: :sour:

                            Going back to get the tank now!


                              Added this nice map to the VeC Site so you can rate, search, and download some more maps, mutators, mods, utils, if you register