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    Originally posted by Darkmatter
    It's just stupid but why do you guys always make a map soo large? I doesn't realy care why but the loading of the map is taking longer....
    Huh ? :bulb:
    You must have a played/load a different map, this one is quite small and the loading time is very short compare to other (and large) custom maps. It loads on our server in 5-10 seconds, on a non-dedicated server when we tested it the loading was not much longer.
    Check out the UT2k4 tweaks, must be a problem with your system in general or the game settings.


      I go check it maybe there is something wrong in my settings!!


        Check if your "Pre-Load Player Skins" Option is enabled. If so, disable it. Might help.


          good work

          You create a good map !!!!

          Thanks for your time ! :up:


            The pics look sick. downloading now...
            Will post some comments as soon as I get around to playing it.


              Any ECE versions coming out? Methinks this fun little map would benefit from the addition of the Cicada, not to mention some tweaked botpathing.


                Ok, just played it. I would have to say, that is probably one of the best ONS maps i've played in a while. Better than ONS-Mothership if you ask me.
                The only thing that annoyed me (just a little bit), was that there was no music, I really don't like it when there is no music in a map.
                Apart from that, awesome. :up:


                  Just a thought, but isn't there already an ONS-Outback? An Australian level made by Lord Simeon?

                  I'll go check it out and report back.


                    Why yes there is an Assault map of the same name by Lord Simeon.


                    I can't see the screenies due to my firewall here at work so I don't know if its the same map or what.


                      Yeah, Lord Simeon made a map called AS-Outback, its completly different to ONS-Outback though, its based in outback Australia, where I come from. :up:


                        The upper area of the base in the right-top has a hole in the map, its all the way in the corner, and the water in the double damage area is messed, please fix that, besides that the map is pretty good. i'll post some more updates as soon as Im done testing.


                        The fog is to dense, I can log my avrills on Raptors I cant even see, oh and the bases seem rather complicated.

                        The first node area (near the base) could have a jump pad to the raptors to speed up gameplay, and the little elevator to the raptors need to be bigger, people will hate falling of em all the time.

                        With the default node setup and a team with good players, node 3 & 1 are virtual fortresses, atleast give the top side an teleporter that gives acces to the node room, (although this will cause shameless shield camping) or remove the windows (a team that has good co-ordination will shock combo the entrance.

                        I just found that you can fly over the middle area, please remove that. (the rocks) People will just sit here and snipe the hell out of you, I also managed to get a manta up here and get in their base area.

                        Ontop of that, if your up there, there is a chance you fall into a hole, just incase you have no idea what Im talking about, here is a pic

                        now if you wanted the rock area too be reachable then make that hole a dead zone, because once you fall in it there is no way out of it (not that I could see anyway)

                        Besides these minor points I think this is a good map that deserves a nice 7/10, I can't wait to see some online action with this one.

                        I hope my critism was constructive. I hope other people agree with me.


                          *Sigh* Can't use the Hydra Battle Cruiser effectively on such a small level. Oh well...

                          Nice looking map. I'll DL and tell ya bout it l8r.


                            too linear but still not a bad map; the bot support could use some help, but you can’t really accuse it of being too wide-open; I like the fact that you can pretty much play the whole thing on-foot, but the bots need to make their decisions final and it’s tough to win this one.