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DM-Nirvana]l[ Link inside :)

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    DM-Nirvana]l[ Link inside :)

    [b]Description:A cool detailed map
    [b]Credits:Me and Guybrush for the music


    No pics guys

    -----------------old news-------------------------

    People are going to kill me for this I assure you lol but I will release at 8:00 pm eastern time


    By many requests this old map comes back!

    A picture that was added in the second page.


    Oh ****, i thought it was some noob trying to make his own until i saw the username was you.
    So, is it already done and your just teasing us? Or are you still working on the last bit?
    *Waits as patiently as possible...

    *...goes to see if I have any leftover cheesecake


      It's 8:00 PM in Mexico already :bulb:


        It's 7pm eastern time here.


          still 4:13 here in southern cali. glad he said EASTERN time
          EDIT:It should now be 8:25 Eastern Time, I think you missed the deadline.


            Sorry got back from "Long horn" ... eating dinner just now... I am going to upload it now.

            Ill put links in 5 min or so.


            I put it up in Nalicity and the map has been claimed etc in NC... I do not have the link atm but it will be up once NC puts it in the system. I am going to upload it in another area aswell so please keep cool all

            If you guys want to offer some upload places that would be cool also


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                **** I just saw that I did an error with the packages I really did not see that one...

                Ill re upload.


                  hmmm never played Nirvan 1 or 2, but hey it's made by desp so i'm sure it's good



                    Here is the link for DM-Nirvana]l[

                    Ok late but oh well :|

                    I uploaded to Nalicty again but that will take a day or a few hours for the system to take it.


                      Late, but done none the less.


                        I optimized it a tiny bit. but it will not be a huge diff from the old one...

                        As you all remember this map has poly issues and it still does.

                        Deleting the visuals for increasing fps would only take the charm out oif this map... So Instead I made all the decor that does not help gameplay into super high detail so if you are having fps problems go and set to low world detail.

                        Once you put the world detail to low it cuts the polys in half or so.

                        Other things I messed around with was lighting since the old one was too dark in places. Changed some visual things as well.

                        Many little things changed... Plus the whole thing that time has passed and Nirvana is no longer snowed in.


                          Re: DM-Nirvana]l[ Link inside

                          Desp#2's sig
                          GnR fan?

                          Also, it's a bit much to ask for my laziness... But any chance of putting it on a site that allows direct downloads? NC and UP don't like wget

                          If not, I'll just have to get my FTP program working, heheh


                            once NC has it you will not need to register which should be tommarow I hope.

                            Yes I am a GNR fan


                              Well, it runs much smoother, but you killed the beautiful lighting that I loved so much about the original. It's much more brown, and drab. It feels dead, almost. It's like the magic is gone.

                              The fog is a bit overdone, too.

                              However, I still really love it, and it's definately a keeper. The gameplay has been improved, and in a few areas, the magical ambience of the previous one still resides, though manifesting in a different form. Also, while we're on the topic, may I have permission to use some of your meshes/textures from Nirvana on a CTF map I'm doing? I promise that if you'll allow me to, credit will be given where credit is due.

                              I've already posted this on PU - thanks for the great map! :up: