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    Name: BR-Temptation
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: Ball play in the serene backdrop of holy ground of a long gone ancient civilization
    Comments: It's a fairly basic, generic even, bombing run level that I made over about a 6 hour period. Visually, the level is based on a dumb black and red biro based sketch I once made in a university lecture months ago. It's not exactly a AAA map, but might be vaguely playable and has full bot support. It's not to be considered my best work, and don't be expecting anything amazing if you download.

    Credits: None

    More detail! :up:
    Otherwise looks good. :up:


      Can always use good BR maps


        There is a semi-major issue with this map. We tried it out on our pub server last night.

        It is that the flags indicating the bases (on the outside) are backwards. It confuses people, especially those who don't use their radar all that much.

        In other words, the red flags are on the blue base, and vice versa.

        I can fix it, but perhaps the original author should.

        If you do, keep in mind that you'll have to rename the map -- to something like BR-Temptation2 so as to not conflict with the existing version in people's MAP or CACHE folders. (Asking them to delete the old version won't really work.)


          I noticed that. Sorry, my bad.

          Sometime soon I think I'll release a revised version, fixing that, making the texturing not suck, and tweaking some other things.


            I'm going to go ahead and flip the goals (swap their team numbers). This way, the flags'll match up.

            If you see it floating around, it'll be BR-1v[Ci]-Tempation -- so as to not to be confused with any revision you may make in the future.

            Lemme know if you do make the changes -- I kind of like this map.

            papabear AT whatacharacter DOT net


              Sure, go ahead. Um, be sure to email me a copy of it once you've made the changes: theseus314 at


                Hmm....courtyard battles, with beautiful trees looming overhead...

                I love you.