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    Originally posted by The_Getaway
    C'est l'invasion fran├žaise !
    french invasion? isnt that an oxymoron?


      Originally posted by Macoll
      OMFG !!!

      Please, dont vote.....what a bad map !!! Stay quiet ! :weird:

      Bad layout, bad lighting...bad skybox......nothing new....boring....etc...errr:down:

      I hope a day, people will be more serious....:cry: :
      "nothing new"?????
      is it me or did i see some custom textures here? Please PLAY the map instead of looking to screenshots!

      i just played the map and its truly wat to big for an 1on1 map, and little too wide at 1 place. Layout is at some places very good, but at some places terrible. The weapon placement is pretty good but the ammo placement is not, there is even some rocketammo floating around. Overall a good map, but deff. too small for a 1on1 imo.


        Its a good map. i like the style, but yes, some of the ammo pickups are floating, and some of the ammo placement is a little awkward,and it is slightly big for 1v1 but overrall it is pretty good.


          I've had this map on my hard disk for a couple of days now. So sorry for not posting feedback sooner. It's certainly a nice map and I've certainly seen a lot worse maps than this. Visually it's as impressive as the next UT2K4 map but there is nothing here to break the mold so to speak. As the map is intended by it's very title to be a 1on1 map I've based my feedback / review on that.

          I tend to like to have room to move about in my 1-on-1 maps and have options available to me as cut-off routes that at first don't appear to be there. This map provides a few of those, some are more obvious (ie: boxs from lower level to top level) than others to (ie: round ledge above stair well with grenade/bullet ? clip to shield bridge using a wall boost). But could have with a little effort provided a few more, which is kind of a shame really (ie: it takes pot luck and massive effort to boost yourself up the wall to the machine gun from the rocket launcher gulley, even using the window to help you, and I was most annoyed at not being able to boost over the little wall by the Flak Cannon and Shock Rifle because it's been "Clipped" [think that's the mapper term] so you can't get on top of the wall). It does have some very nice open spaces for that dueling experience, which is a very good thing. The only problem is once up on the top level I never felt the need to go back down to the bottom level and I just let the bot bring the Rocket Launcher to me , which kinda meant the level was very flat and had no real Z-axis fighting.

          Item placement is the biggest let down of the map unfortunately. A good dueler (and I am not one of those as I play CTF more than anything these days - though some will tell you I've played "just a few" [biggest understatement of the year there] 1 on 1's in my earlier years) would have no problems taking control of this map and owning the enemy. Things are just too easy to reach from one another. IE: within a ten second run I can have Mini Gun, U-Damage, Shield, Flak Cannon, Shock Rifle and Lighting Gun and it would only take a couple more seconds to reach the Rocket Launcher. Now I am not an expert 1on1'er as I mentioned above but it seems to me that the level is somewhat overloaded on top. And doesn't make a good 1on1er work for his "money". Perhaps some advice from a good 1on1er would have paid dividends.

          This is kind of a long review and bit of feedback here as I wanted to pass on my thoughts and not just knock the map as it shows a lot of promise from the mapper. I'd love to see some future work from this mapper as I think he/she has a lot of potential.

          Overall the bottom line for me on this map is this: It's an above average map which falls short in a few areas (noted above) and is good for a few games. I think to be fairly frank it is probably more suited with the current item layout to be more of small DM/ffa player loaded map.



            It's meh. It makes a good ChaosUT Melee Only DM map though.


              looks good!


                This is a true 1on1 map, wide-open and works well for 1on1; needs custom music, a few more sounds and better ammo placement; I liked the skybox, lighting/shadows, fire, stonework, architecture, floors and weapon placement; the bot is kinda tough at first until you figure out the map; also there is issues running across the bridge under the arch.