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Muralis 1.05 Released

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    Sent you a PM, talk to you soon.

    BTW, Muralis is pretty fun to play...I'm biased but what do you expect? if you hop onto the official server, there are always a dev or two to play, and we're always giving out the best combo's and tactics to use.


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    hmmm I have some content you guys might be interested in, you should contact me if curious..

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  • started a topic Muralis 1.05 Released

    Muralis 1.05 Released

    Name: Muralis
    Version: 1.05
    Compatibility: 3236 UT2004
    Muralis is the ultimate multiplayer hand-to-hand combat experience. With Muralis's "Open Combo Engine", players may perform hand-to-hand, melee and some ranged attacks in any combination they choose. Select from one of four characters in death match or team death match settings and rough up your opponents a bit.

    Other features include:
    • - Over 100 animations per character
      - Single and dual melee weapons
      - Projectile attacks
      - Supermoves & In-air combos
      - Rewards for long combo hits
      - Evasive moves
      - Hit Effects (stuns, staggers, launchers, and knockdowns)

    New features for 1.05:
    • - Added Verde, a short combat robot used by the Alien overlords for shock-troop operations.
      - Added two new Muralis specific maps: DM-ElectreFlex and DM-TransportGideon.
      - Added the Death Match game type.
      - Characters now have specific animations for blocking incoming attacks and reacting to certain hits.
      - Each character has at least one projectile attack when they have their melee weapon equipped.
      - Added power gauntlets to Flax.

    A complete feature/alteration/fix list can be found under UT2004/Muralis/Help/readme.txt.

    Homepage: Ascension Games
    Updated mirror list at Ascension Games