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    FPS Central for Mappers

    Soon will be starting a new cervice for mappers.

    So your a mapper eh? Don't have time to setup a fancy site to describe your mapping exploits? FPSCentral has something in store for you.

    Soon FPSCentral will be undertaking the community mapping project. Every registered mapper (who has some proof of a previous map or work in progress) will be given access to a Mapper CP where they can;

    # Create their own mini website
    # Upload their maps
    # Have well-layed-out map reviews
    # 'Map of the week' servers
    # Developer log of their work in progress

    Subscribed mappers will be given even more features.

    To be in the queue for this great opportunity, fire off an email to vanush(at) The email should include your username, IM contact info (AOL, MSN), previous maps (or work in progress proof) and any suggestions or critique you may have.

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    I head the Unreal section at FPS Central, so feel free to send us all Map/Mod/Mutator news. Make sure to visit us at and sign up anyway even if your not a member of the modding/mapping community. We are really looking to expand our Unreal section and get the UT2004 forums active and running. We are also looking to get at least 1 or 2 UT2004 servers up and running our community's favorite gametypes/maps/mods.

    Also be sure to check out our Download section. See files we are missing and we Need, be sure to drop us a line and let us know where we can get them. We are hosting almost every mod released so far as well as a nice collection of mutators and maps as well as the official Epic Patches.

    We have a submit news button as well I can be reached at

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    Sounds Good To Me!
    And, I think this IS in the wrong forum..

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  • started a topic wants to help you. wants to help you.


    I'm not sure if it's the right forum. ( move if necessary )

    FPSCentral would like to inform you about a partnership, in exchange for exclusive news such as mod updates, new staff, new concepts/models/screenshots/skins/maps, news relating the mod and so on, we'd host all of your files at no extra charge.

    Visitors of FPSCentral are only required to register a login name similar to fileplanet, but aren't placed in waiting lines, they may begin downloading anytime they want at speeds up to 180KB all day, any day.

    This is of course, if you'd like us to.
    You may still contact us if you'd like your news to be advertised on alot of sites, but we'd prefer exclusives and we'd gladly host everything.

    So I'm offering to help the final releases by advertising your product on our website. If this interests you please contact