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  • DM-Barrage

    Name: DM-Barrage

    Version: 1

    Compatibility: UT2004

    Description: Designed for fairer weather, the effects of climate change have left this place of worship deserted. The was sad news for some, but was greeted with glee by tournament officials, who quickly aquired another venue.
    DM/TDM for 2-6 players.

    Comments: World detail needs to be set to high to see the rain (this is so it performs better with lower settings).


    Credits: |||Loz Hippy :-), Epic (for the game, and the stuff that comes with it), Berneyboy (for many of the textures -

    Homepage: (none)


  • #2
    poor guy, no one bothered checking his map out?

    I'll try it and post feedback later


    • #3
      I tried it, was a pretty cool map. Very nice visuals. Great for INV. The map knida reminded me of Doom, but still had pretty good flow.

      Good Job :up:


      • #4
        gonna try it out, downloading


        • #5
          my verdict: :up: :up:


          • #6
            Thanks for the nice comments guys
            It's aprreciated, although I didn't mind too much that noone had replied for ages (my bf kept telling me "cool - noone dislikes it " ).


            • #7
              Originally posted by |||LozHippy :-)
              (my bf kept telling me "cool - noone dislikes it " ).
              You're a chick?

              Soz if I called u a guy earlier


              • #8
                No I'm a male


                • #9
                  this map plays well, i had fun playing it


                  • #10
                    Nice map.

                    I love the kind of textures with floors, walls, ceilings and trims; it's actually a Cryptic themed. The sounds are too quiet now (even if the music is playing for the battlefield) except for the torch sounds and raindrops. Rain effects are nice, torches are everywhere with the lights for the better atmosphere and the skybox is in a forensic way. Paths are really better and the bots are fairly good in this one. This map could be great for Invasion gametype.

                    Working links:


                    • #11
                      What he said. I have this map and tried it, but I just can't find my review right now.


                      • #12
                        No frills DM. Liked the skybox. Nice.


                        • #13
                          Found my review and all I said was 7.5 out of 10, so I tried it again. The tex/meshes are wicked crazy in this one with decent lighting. I liked the rain, torches, skybox and lift placements. The bots are decent and it was a fun map to play.