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Beretta 9000 VTM Release By IchII3D

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    Beretta 9000 VTM Release By IchII3D

    I have spent my own personal time making a very long issue of VTM's (Video Training Module's). In the complete issue I will walk you through step by step how to model a Beretta 9000.

    I use both visual and audio methods to tutor and created them on my home computer.

    Each VTM is compiled into a .rar file ( and contains:

    Video Tutorial
    Image Refrences
    Final Production

    Refrence (Not Used In Production):

    Finished Work (All done in tutorials and rendered of camera):

    Programs Used: 3dsmax6
    Recorded: Camtasia Studio 2
    Codec: XviD
    Compiled: Vegas4

    Name: 01_Getting_Ready_For_Modelling
    Size: 5,834kb
    Download: Link

    Name: 02_Modelling_Base_1
    Size: 126,620kb
    Download: Link

    Name: 03_Modelling_Base_2
    Size: 125,697kb
    Download: Link

    Name: 04_Touching_Small_Areas_Up
    Size: 54,669kb
    Download: Link

    Name: 05_Magazine
    Size: 44,413kb
    Download: Link

    Name: 06_Barrel
    Size: 123,329kb
    Download: Link

    Name: 07_Little_Thingys
    Size: 143,478kb
    Download: Link

    Name: 08_Optamisation
    Size: 64,701kb
    Download: Link

    Name: 09_Smooth_Groups
    Size: 78,837kb
    Download: Link

    Special Thanks! too John (Host)

    If you have any problems or issues please post them in this thread.


    omg it's the laughing man!

    anyway, good job.


      Wow, that Beretta is soo cool, it's very nic of you to make a video tutorial cause I've been meaning to make a gun in max but was never sure how to go about it.

      Definately giving this a go :up:


        These are really good. Thanks for sharing them IchII3D.
        Any plans on texturing gun videos by any chance?


          Sorry, this really doesn't belong in this post, but it's been bugging me. Brian Trepaning, do you still have an Atari 400? Your avatar keeps walking me down memory lane. That's the first computer I ever had.


            You forget where your folks live?:bulb: And I'm currently downloading the VTM's and the evaluation 3dsMax thank you! Sorry for the spam everybody, but that old computer just brought back memories.