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Jin-Roh Panzercop model [Not Mine]

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    Jin-Roh Panzercop model [Not Mine]

    Name: Jin-Roh Panzercop
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: The panzercop guys from Jin-Roh, which I gather is some sort of anime thing.
    Comments: Made by Airmo, who seems to be having problems with the forums.
    Credits: Airmoran

    The skin is much too bright. Panzercops are supposed to be black.


      Cool, I always thought that'd be a good model.
      The color is okay, though he looks a little top heavy.

      Are here teamskins?


        Yeah, it has teamskins.


          I love this movie.
          I also think the color is too bright and the legs are to thin!


            Okay, the author says he HAD to brighten the skin so it would work decently in dark maps. Otherwise, they'd be impossible to see.


              Bleh, cut the gordian knot and just registered under another nick.

              Anyways, not sure where you heard that and the wording's off, but yeah, it sort of had to be done. The problem wasn't that they were impossible to see (brightskins and such prevented that), it was because a pure dark-grey skin was very monotonous and didn't fit in well with the rest of the models.

              The skin is not so much brightened as luminosity effects were tossed all over the place, resulting in a more uncolored steel look. Therefore, it looks bright because the map is bright. Load the model up on a darker map. It'll probably look closer to what you're expecting.


                = textures are far too clean/cartoony ... I'd rather see a few little scratches and such on such 'hard' armour

                = team-textures are useless. With so much space on a model there's more room for teamcoloured items then a mere red/blue cross that's painted on the left shoulder ...
                You could have given him teamcoloured 'eyes/glasses' as well.

                = textures are far too bright in a moderately bright level (DM-1on1-Albatross)
                Look at Loric's Brazen-texture-set for an example of skins that aren't too dark.

                = it looks like it uses the standard-animations ... custom-animations for taunts and a voicepackage to match would have finished it.


                  I generally dislike defending my work simply because it makes me look like some strong-headed egomaniac who can't accept constructive critism, let alone do it two posts in a row and with only one foreign post in between, but well, there's certain reasons for certain decisions. So I appologize :P

                  Skins being too clean (and therefore cartoony?). Well, in the movie, these units rather deadly, often killing everything in the room before the enemy gets a single shot off. Therefore, having tons of battle scars goes against this mentality. There are tiny scratches here and there, however. If I wanted to be super-accurate, however, the skin would be pretty much a big blanket of black.

                  I played around with skin brightness levels, and what I ended up with is what I found to work the best. It was a give/trade sequence. Before hand I got plently of crits arguing that the skin was too dull.

                  Team skins are done as per accuracy with the movie. Frankly, I don't see the use of team colors. I usually just go with the arrows above teammate's heads. The blue skin is slightly off-color, which helps to track players if there's multiple people with the same model. Frankly, a blue glow is just ugly.

                  As for standard animations, well, yeah. That I can't defend. There's nothing in the movie can be used as a taunt (maybe a salute?), and there probably can't be a voice pack; they don't talk much in their suits.

                  When making the model I tried to strike a balance between accuracy and usability. Ultimately the biggest (and probably only) inaccuracy is the decision to make the armor less dull.


                    I've never even heard about the movie, so any comments are based on comparing the model to the standard-models.

                    Any chance of another skin that's less accurate as a 'movie-model', but more fun to see in-game ?

                    As for teamskins : I'm not asking for a 'paintbucket-job' or a neon-glow variant. Just a little more colour on an otherwise 'greyish' skin would be nice.


                      If you haven't heard of a movie when a model is based off of one and you want to comment on it, a handy trick is to do at least some kind of research on the subject. It doesn't burn to type it into google, at least it shouldn't.

                      That being said, the under cloth for the upper body is actually a mild green, so there is a bit of color to disrupt the dark blue, the main issue is that the anime style uses flat coloring, so artistic license (there wouldn't be major scratches, but the armor should be far from pristiene) does need to be taken to make it more unrealistic.

                      The model is spanky, though. I applaude you on it.


                        A handy trick is to compare the models to what's in-game so it can fit with the style of the game as well. Especially when it's not limited to a certain mod.

                        I think the character would have been even better if the creator had used artistic license to make it fit within the Unreal-universe.
                        Kind of like Kryzaliz did with his models of comicbook heroes.

                        Without the movie as a reference this particular model looks like an uninspired and boring futuristic soldier.