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ONS-RingOfFire [FINAL] Download & Screenshots

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    ONS-RingOfFire [FINAL] Download & Screenshots

    Name: Sean 'Lo Ping' Henry
    Version: v1.00 (Full Release)
    Compatibility: UT2k4
    Description: ONS-RingOfFire is a large Onslaught map with choke-points that force face-to-face battles. The environment is an artic valley containing an active volcano. Orbiting ion satelltes will fry any contestant foolish enough to try to leave the valley!
    Comments: Extensively beta tested with both human and bot players, this map should be fun for all Onslaught fans. To give me feedback, post here or E-mail me at
    Shot 1
    Shot 2
    Shot 3
    Credits: Numerous beta-testers and the makers of UT2k4!
    Homepage: My homepage is here!
    Download: Download it here!

    Those screenshots are pretty lousy, you can't really get much of an idea of what the map will be like.


      down loading... i will post some better screens.


        Originally posted by Bigcheeese
        down loading... i will post some better screens.
        Thanks! I couldn't get any decent pictures, much less get them to post to the forum. The [IMG] command doesn't seem to work for me.

        I did have comments on my beta, "screenshots didn't tell the story, but the map was very fun!"

        Lo Ping


          Very good work, I like this a lot, some interesting gameplay there. :up:


            ... I LOVE IT. best gamplay map ever. visuals could use some work but i like alot of the exta detail you added in there. also like the story.

            also i dint know i could shock combo that good

            ne way here are some picts <shot tags>

            picts where taken at 1280x1024 and resied to 800x600 and then jpg'ed


            hope you like


              Thank you very much for the photos, looks like you played the "high-road" node arrangement. The "default", "criss-cross", and "helter-skelter" setups use more nodes.

              Any pointers on the graphics? This was my first UT2k4 map and I spent most of my effort and gameplay and bots, though I tried to make each node have something unique to look at.

              My first terrain map definitely.


                well i don't like it when people use a texture for the lava. instead of making a pool of it (like a pool of water). if you don't understand i can expand on it.

                also there are no decos. thats the extra stuff on the terrain (like the plants in torlan). i know this is a volcanic place but you could add rocks and some greens up in the mountains.

                the texture use on the terrain is good but its a bit to repetitive. you need to add some more textures in there.

                also i noticed the lighting. its a bit to dark on the terrain which doesn't help what i said above. the lighting near the bases is good but not on the terrain.

                i like the based a lot there a good idea and add some variation to the terrain and give you a "Place" to defend instead of just a spot.

                i also like the Lev spawns there cool and give the Levs a reason to be there. there just abit to far away from the Base. i think there is a teliporter but i have never used it.

                the bot pathing is great,i never saw a bot just standing there doing nothing and the rapters where a pain to deal with when they where attacking. i also like how many rapters you have. its enough to keep things interesting but not so many its spammy.

                also like the choke points you set up. i have had a few tank battles in there and they are lots of fun.

                the pict i took of the chrashed drop ship with the viles, thats my vav part of the map. how the viles where placed is cool and the surrounding aria is also cool. i think you should add a bit more and maybe a crater (in the terrain) to use as a bunker.

                i also played some of the other link setups. its good that you included so many.

                If i ever get my ONS server up and running ill be shure to add this map to the rotation. i love the gameplay and how well the bots play. i bet this is so much more fun with human players.

                Sorry for spelling errors i cant spell to well.



                  I was probably stingy to a fault on not including too many plants and trees since I feared that on a map this size they's grind things to a halt. With all the antiportals I put in I think that I could have fit more in.

                  The solid lava was another compromise for map speed, also I wanted to blend several textures together to avoid tiling and I thought terrain was the best way to do it. Much of the lava is black 'crunchy' stuff that would probably support your weight even as you burst into flame.

                  The teleporters cut down the time to the leviathons to almost nothing and the bots use them (ditto for the three jump pads)...they allow players on foot to pull some tricks on the vehicles.

                  This is a blast to play with humans, I played with several on my LAN and played the beta version online. I heard of no complaints on slowdown, so my stingyness may have paid off. Hope you get a server set up sometime!


                    deco layers only render the stuff if you are within the range of what ever you setup. so it wont render somthing that on the other side of the map. you could add deco rocks. that would help alot. also some non deco bolders would be cool also.

                    i am going to take a look in unrealEd and see if i can help you any more from there.


                      i was exspecting a bigger and better volcano:down:

                      add some more stronger and large radius red, get some flame emitters in there too and some smoke and use a texture around the edge of the lava to make it glow, there is one which will do the job well in the volcano package.

                      some dead vegetation wouldn't go amiss either.

                      nice idea though, the volcano just needs some more power behind it and really exploding not a little puddle:down:

                      hope my feedback helps, not meant to be a flame btw.



                        Thank, I may use those ideas to make a LAN version of the map, I have some flame emitters in the lava lake, but I'm afraid smoke in that wide open area would give players about 3 frames a second.

                        I've put special effects in (like the burning leviathans), but I put those in areas where they can be boxed in by antiportals. Ditto with trees and vegitation --they are in there, but in out of the way places.

                        Also if I do another edition I'll do a shader sky, just found out that I can put in backup textures for folks will older graphics cards.

                        This is my first map since UT99, so a lot of the advanced graphics features are still new to me!


                          alt download pls


                            Why? Unreal playground has FAST downloads. All you have to do is register, and it takes about 30 seconds, and you don't get any spam from them.