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Unicron Voice Pack [S3]

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    It is barely audible durring a normal game.


      just a Bump to see if anything has been done on the sound

      and to say that if I turn the music off I can just about make out whats beening said..

      similar problem with Grimlock..

      other wise they are both fantatic voice packs


        Well, I tested on 3 other computers, Grimlock and Unicron sound the same as the default AI voices. Take note that selecting the voice from the menu will sound very quiet, but in game it's the standard 1.0 transient audio. Download my other two, Laocorn and Dr. Weird and tell me if you hear any discreptencies with them.

        I'm going on a week vacation - when I get back if there are any other complains about this audio bug I'll see what I can do.


          Originally posted by Olympus
          I have a problem when I use the sound pack it's very very quiet I've tried adjusting it so I can hear it (lets face it who doesn't want to) but I can't make it stand out..

          any ideas?
          The voices are tied to the Sound Effects volume. In the game, go to Options then click the Audio tab. Drag the Effects Volume slider all the way to the right. You also may want to to turn the volume control of your OS all the way up. This may be labeled as "What U Hear", "Master", "Playback" or something else, depending on your sound card and drivers.


            I have already adjusted the sound in the way you described...

            and I've recently updated all the drivers for the sound card..

            it's still low in game, though clearer, part of the problem may be that the Unicron pack, at least, is done in a very deep voice and can make it difficult to make out against the Bangs and booms of the game.

            I'll download the other voice packs and see if I get problems with them as well, otherwise what I hear, I like


              When I first saw this post I thought it said Unicorn Voice Pack, and I just scratched my head. What could a unicorn possibly have to say, and why would it taunt me? After my momentary dyslexia passed, I realized the error of my ways.

              I look forward to d/l this!


                Old thread here. Anyone have a new download link please.
                EDIT: The author's voice packs (this one, Grimlock, Dr. Weird and Laocorn) with links are dead.