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    Great, nice rework of the lower route, lots of fast action fun.

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    Hm, downloading, i will check it out

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  • started a topic CTF-RomraMoonStation-SE


    Name: CTF-RomraMoonStation-SE
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: Complete overhaul of the 2k4 version
    Comments: Fixed all the bugs!
    Credits: JM CHiLLZ

    My friends and I always had so much fun playing CTF on the old 2k3 version of Romra that I had to fix it up for UT2004 cause the version that is out there has bugs.

    So here it is:

    I pretty much re-did the map completely:

    - New skybox with the MOON (instead of the earth) so it's actually a MOON station now. hehehe :P Used an actual photo of the moon's surface.

    - Fixed the spawn bugs and added a few more spawn points and made them face the right direction so you don't spawn facing the edge. :hammer:

    - Added team lighting so you can tell which end you are on without having to think about it. (good for those all-out frag fests)

    - Made new barricades

    - Added a real lower level you can actually play on.

    - Re-did the lighting completely.

    - Re-did all the pickups

    - Re-did all the textures.

    - Added some visual stuff to make the map a little more fun to look at.

    - Added a *surprise* pickup in a hidden location. Trust me, you will know when someone finds it. LOL

    - Like I said, I re-did the entire map...