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    Name: CTF-Grende][Area
    Version: 1.1
    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 2004
    Description: It's my first 5on5 Map, i hope you like it.
    Comments: BOT Pathnodes are not set, because this Map is for FFA.

    Download:][Area.rar or the .uz2 Version

    imo it looks like the lighting is a little too bright...but it looks cool...I'll give it a shot...


      Nice, i love this kinda of maps.


        Looks much better than the lame port Epic did, DownLoading now :up:.


          are you calling the best Ctf and iCTF map in Ut2k4 a bad port?

          do you know how many maps arent translatable to ig and weps?
          Grendel is the best evar!


            Do u want critics on this map and change it or ur finished with this project, cause I can give some critics, but I won't do it if ur not gonna work on them.


              Sure, what Critic do you have ?



                Would be nice if the green part would be gone and the lift would be a lot slower. This way you can either directly jump to the or you can walldodge to it. And defs can frag people out of the air.

                I really miss a low left and right escape route. This would make the map a lot less obvious.


                You really wanna change the side ways. They are booring, to small and easy to spam atm. The last picture shows how easy people can be blocked by a shockcombo. I think you better make this room bigger, give every side a weapon (this especially nice cause when you use teamspeak you don't say I go left, you say I go to this weapon (example: I go (their) shock).


                Spreak the ammo and the power ups a lot more. Don't have them all concentrated at the mid and the flag rooms. Let people go all over your map. The ammo spread is also nice cause you don't want to go all the way back to mid (from the flagroom) just to get shock ammo.


                I don't know about this hiding place, but it might be very low, have to test it online though.

                Trick jumps:


                Soz for the short comment, I just had to rewrite this reply since the last one got lost having to much pictures ffs. Anyways, conclusion: I'd spread the weapons and power ups a lot more, I'd add low left and right escapes and make this map just less booring. Get some variation going.


                  Ok, thx for your comments, but i must admit, i'm not a NW Player, i don't know as one weapons places for the best Game feeling, i am a Instagib Player, sorry for my " mistakes "

                  Here you can see, as different these kinds of play are *gg*
                  Perhaps I should have indicated, this Map is for Instagib Matches.

                  Now I thank you for this Trickjumps Informations again which in addition learned.


                    Hell yeah its a bad port. it probably took them a whole 2 minutes to mirror the DM map and place flags in it. I would expect better from professional map makers.

                    Edit: OK just played the map, good start, but a Beta at most. Bot pathing needs A LOT of work. they just stand around shooting bb's at you, and don't chase you if you have the flag.

                    could use some more static meshes to compliment the theme. Just make sure they don't interfere with the maps flow. The stones on the doors need to be fixed, so you can't get hitched up on them. And the pipes in the main room and some in the hall with the lightning gun have a black texture like ut2003 maps. The top of the barrels also have this problem

                    It would also increase game play if you added on or two ramps connecting the flag platform to the rest of the map.

                    weapon/ item placement needs a lot of work too. The rocket launcher and ammo near it was laid out nicely, and the lightning gun utilizes map layout nice. Though a lot of the other items need to be replaced. 30 seconds in the center of the map and you come out like super man, very bad for game play. utilize all the empty areas in your map, and don't clump weapons like you did. there should never be more than 2 ammo pick ups next to each other at any given time. exceptions to the rule, are hard to reach weapons, and mini gun ammo. It makes the map look unorganized other wise.

                    spread out the super items. keep the 50 shield where it is, and place the other 2 super items somewhere on the map where you have to do a little hunting. you possibly could pit some health vials up where the super items are now, or leave it empty. also the adrenaline pills and heath vials on the wall need replacement.

                    Lastly you map needs music. with the current water theme i would suggest KR-Metallurgy, Suprfist, After, or CBP2-LostMarty. if you change it to i lava theme than change the music accordingly. you can download music files over at UTHQ2004 under the audio section of 2003 and 2004.


                      Allmost almost my thought. Allthough it's useless working on bot and music stuff: skilled ctf players have music off and never play bots cause they are so useless. I can't get how so many people talk about bot paths. Sounds to me like they don't play the game enough. Anyways, ur critics were good so I think you do.

                      I would not have the 50 where it's now. The place it's at now is just perfect for a 100 shield/healt. The pure center of a map should always be the key to the fictory, now a 50 is just not a key. It's not powerfull enough. Maybe get like a 50 shield close to the flag room but not to close so that defs will be forced to move out of the flag room a bit.

                      Btw what did u mean about the insta part? U only want it to be insta (cause then u could just as well have left all weapons out, ammo and power ups out) or ur also gonna make it nw?


                        Well, what i mean is, i play Instagib since UT99, this Map is the first Time with the UE3 and for Instagib FFA Server. I do not like NW, it's not my Game, therefore make a Map for all Instagib Players. But it seems here to give many players exclusive play NW and i make Weapons, Shields ... in my Map.

                        Since differentiate between themselves the Gameplay of both, I can understand the criticism about NeoPhoenix, even if I did not intend that. It should become like said only a Instagib map. As you correctly said, to plays most Players without music and a FFA map need also none BOT support. The Tips for size Player are nevertheless helpfully, perhaps I times a new co-ordinated Map will build.

                        One can only learn in addition


                          I play a lot in instant action, and have play tested a lot of the maps out there so I generally know what makes a good map, and what doesn't by now, plus i've been playing UT since the 99 build and was in +MoF+ for a while.

                          Music is as important to me in game as it is for me in life. Music effects a person, or in this case a players mood. I always have music turned on because it gets my more into the game, and besides unlike AA where you need to hear someone sneek up on you, UT sound effects aren't nearly as realalistic, or important to win a match. Its about speed and acuracy. Plus why not add music? It is the easiest thing to do in the editor. It was the first thing I learned on it before the **** thing perminently broke on me. And a lot of people play instant action for practice because the bots are so god like on higher settings. If you can actually beat a team of bots on adept or higher, you will own in multi player mode.


                            You've gamed so long and you don't see any use in sounds ? If u wanna have music on, get winamp playing while u play ut2k4. Anyways, you can add music for ppl like you, but just don't put to much time in this. The actual people that will play the map most are not people that just get on servers once in a while, it's gonna be the clanning people. I can asure you that at least 80 % of all of them has music off. Only noobs have it on, same goes for playing bots. Noone else then n00bs will play them.


                              I don't see why the debate? All maps, with the exception of those with ammazing Ambiant sound should always have music. its quite a hassle to have to turn on the music player every time I load a map, there for most maps w/o music get deleated. I don't see why mappers don't just take 1 extra minute to add music. If a player playes with out music, they will mostlikely have music volume to 0 which means adding music won't effect them any. And I would edit the maps as you say, but like i said b4, my UED it perminantly busted, and no one in troble shooting forum will help me fix it. I even re installed UT 2004. **** thing only ever worked properly one time ever.

                              as for playing bots, if no one other than noobs played them, than No one would down load custom maps. Yet thousands of custom maps are downloaded every day, and only a hand full of those maps are ever on servers, so if no one played with bots, why would they be downloading maps they can never use on line?