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    Name: DM-After_ME(2k4)

    Version: 2.0 (Is a more polished version of a map I did some months ago)

    Compatibility: UT2004

    Description: The action takes place in an abandoned outpost that was constructed during the war with the Skaarj. Most part of the action is in the outside area, but you can also go inside the building. It's intended for ... "Fast&Furious" fights, for telling in some way. I recommend 5-8 players.

    Comments: I do know that the map is quite simple in it's global architecture. However, I think it reaches a bit of decency in the visuals and lightning.
    I hope you like it and enjoy playing it!


    Credits: I have done the music track. For the rest, I have used the original content of the game (Staticmeshes, textures, etc...)

    Homepage: None.

    Download: You can get it here
    There is also another link here

    Interesting color scheme.
    Looks like some areas are a bit TOO dark.


      Mmmmm, purple....


        Another great skybox! :up:


          Well.... the sky is blue actually.... But it has this "purple-ish" effect with that big moon.


            I like the purple look, very nice. The rest of the map also looks professional. I especially like the DecoLayers outside and the lighting is just awesome.


              Good map

              I just got done playing against 4 bots and the gameplay was good. I run everything but Mesh Load and Decal Stay on the highest setting (these two I put on normal) at 1600x1200@85mhz. The only thing I would suggest is shrinking down the moon and the other planet (or find a way to give the sky more depth so it doesn't look like the moon is about to roll over the planet (never mind the gravitational issues with such massive bodies being in such close proximity of eachother. I dunno ... it just seems to in your face to me. No one else seems to have that opinion so it could just be how I'm seeing it.

              In any event I also feel that some of the lighting needs to be tweaked ... it is a bit on the bright side on the lawn in a couple of spots and it makes the lawn look more artifical in those spots. Other than those two issues the map is a nice solid map. I especially like the color scheme and how well the mapper made it work. It's not often you see this kind of color scheme in a map.

              Maybe it's because I'm missing a portion of the map but I don't see how 8 bots can really fight in this arena ... feels more like 5 or 6 combatants is just the right number. The map itself is about half the size of Antalus (well maybe 60%) so that amount feels good and the gameplay still remains smooth.

              Thanks for another cool DM match for us to crush our enemies in. Peace and I hope to see a ver2 of this badboy :up: !


                This is definitely one of the best DM maps I've played in a long while. Nice tight gameplay, very smooth texturing and meshing, fun weapon placement. Hilarious with quadjump too.

                A must-have.


                  Just played the map and I loved it, was much better than I thought. However, there was a very annoying sound file in there, or a combination of two I couldn't tell. But it sounded like a dog barking and then vomiting, no joke. That is seriously what it sounded like, and with ambient sounds up at 50-75% it can get VERY annoying. If you could fix that and resubmit it I would love you forever .


                    nice map

                    The map looks really coll i'll download it as soon as I get back from work.

                    looks a little dark but nothing a couple of gamma tweaks on my screen cant fix.

                    Will let you know what i think.



                      A bit too dark, but pritty nice game play on this map


                        Now I have time, I would like to comments some things...

                        First of all, I'm glad you liked the map. It makes me happy to know that people is enjoying it.

                        I wanted to create the effect of an abandoned complex. So yes, there are some areas a bit too dark. I think it helps creating the "abandoned" atmosphere. Also, for this objective, the xEmitters of the lights in the inside are because "the lights haven't been active during a long time and are being over-heated" , wich is also coplemented by the projectors, (the lights are supposed to be old and without any "filter" so there is that "burnt" or "exagerated white lightning" effect given by the projectors) I'm aware some people will find it too bright. My idea was to combine this three elements for creating an "abandoned outpost" light effect.

                        I've noticed also that one or two parts of the outside area are too bright perhaps... it breaks a bit the illusion, yeah . I Will remember that in my next maps.

                        About that "Barking Dog effect" Honestly I can't see wich specific sound-effect are you talking about. As you will see if you open the editor, there are some invisible movers, that are activated when touching a trigger. These invisible movers start to run, with a sound effect attached to it. So, you can be sniping in the place the 2nd picture shows, and without moving, you can hear that sounds around you. I thought It would be nice to do that, create a kind of "random sound effect", for not being so predictable like the standard trigger sounds. Because in this way, if you are "camping", you can hear, without moving, some animal running behind you (the invisible mover with sound)... But I know I haven't reached this illusion I wanted.... needs more work. But I think the idea can be good, if it's done propertly.

                        The skybox has a translucid texture, wich goes before the moon staticmesh. The great thing I have found about translucid textures is that, when it has to be combined with another static mesh behind it, it can alter the color, that's why the moon looks a bit purple. So I can have a "coloured skybox" without adding a single light in it, just by playing with translucid textures. I like the way it has "colored" the moon... because it gives a new look to that moon. (Everybody has seen thousand times that plain moon StaticMesh with the grey color )

                        BTW, I hope you liked the music also.

                        And no, I don't plan to create another version of this map, so I assume "NeoPhoenix" won't "love me forever" :cry: hehe
                        (However, I have in mind a VCTF map with a similar outdoor enviroment)

                        Sorry for the long post, I'm not english and sometimes i can't write in short-and-coherent form

                        << Resident >>


                          It looks great but it could play a lot better. :/


                            strange layout, good custom tech music, good AVA and decent bots; I liked the skybox, purple, lighting, huge planet/moon, vegetation, towers, crickets and stairs.