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    Name: DM-Halls_Of_Unrest

    Version: 2, Final

    Compatibility: UT2004

    Description: This is my first map, it has 9 rooms, each with a Player start point and weapon pickup. It has a 4 Shield pickups, 4 Health Pickups, and a SuperHealth pickup. Weapons include the BioRifle, Shock Rifle, Link Gun, Minigun, Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun, Sniper Rifle, and Redeemer.

    Comments:This is my second try at this map, I completed it once, then my computer crashed and I lost it, so I had to re-build it. But in the process of re-building it, I avoided a lot of the bugs that ended up in the previous version. In the screenshot, you will see the Neo Skin that was made by "jpowell19751416"

    Homepage:This Map currently doesnt have a web-page.


    Note: If the geocities site gives you an error message, just refresh the page.

    Any feedback is appreciated, positive feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Just the standard feedback for DM-Cubes, first map kinda thing:

    Use some lighting.
    It adds atmosphere. No light in the world is pure white, even fluro tubes.

    Use some decos.
    Even if you don't want them around the players, put some along the walls and ceilings. They add character and theme.

    Use some z-axis.
    Running around on the floor just isn't fun. You need somewhere to lob ballistic weapons or snipe from.

    Scale your texures.
    A floor tile is not as big as a human. Generally.

    Don't host it on Geocities.
    Enough said.

    Don't go overboard with your weapons.
    Put specific ones where they'll be needed, sniper rifle up high in a crows-nest like area, flak in corridors, rockets in the open, etc etc.

    GL and keep going at it!


      I would like to add to the previous post as it concerns weapons. In my personal opinion, don't always put the weapons in the stereotypical places (except for superweapons...out of the way is very good). Try putting the sniper rifle somewhere else, but not in a place where someone will pick it up and it will be useless to them. Don't bring a sniper rifle to a flak fight.

      If you want, go to UT99 and find a map called DM-AlphaComplex. It is an excellent example of superior design with Z-axis and complexity. The author made a gutsy move in that map. The weapons were scattered far from their ammo pick-ups. So a map tends to go matrix-lobby-style, using one weapon and throwing it down for the next.

      Wouldnt it be nice if someone remade that map (NUDGE! NUDGE!)


        alright, how about i put a static mesh flooring about half-way up and split it into two levels, that would give me more room to spread out the weapons... If anyone can tell me which .utx package has some good static meshes for that, i would apprecite it.
        I will also add music to the next version of it...


          I wouldn't add to it if I were you, just start a whole new one. Give yourself a challenge. Something like not having any of the brushes have walls on the plane of another brush or something.

          Kind of reminds me of an old shareware game. Chazm or something.

          EDT: Dwellers of the deep or something like that, that was it. That was a fun game for about 30 minutes.


            i should learn how to make custom static meshes... that would make it a little more interesting... also, the geocities site is just an alternate downlaod site, if you notice, i also put it up on


              I have a new version of this map, but for some reason i cant get it to upload to If anyone knows of any other good sites to host it on, please post the URL here.