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*FIVE Aqua Teen Hunger Force VOICEPACKS*

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    Originally posted by NutritioN
    Hey all. Been away for my 25th Birthday weekend with no internet - very relaxing.

    Thanks for the comments Anuban, I tried my best to achieve that! A lot of the clips were pretty poor quality but they've all been EQ'd and boosted so that they all shouted out at about the same peak volume. Tried to strip out background effects and bass so that they worked well. Used Sound Forge 6.0.

    If you like 'em, rate this thread!

    Done and again thanks for the laughs. Peace.


      I had seen 2 ATHF packs on over the weekend or on Monday (not sure if those were yours or not). They were hilarious, but they were not broken out via individual characters. One was a Meatwad mostly pack and the other was mostly Master Shake. I'm glad each ATHF character now has his/her/its voice pack.

      One question: was the "Nerds get their pants pulled down and spanked by moon rocks" quote left in? THat was by far the funniest taunt quote in the packs above IMHO - I had to stop playing when I heard that ingame. Between that and "No one can defeat the Quad Laser", my day was made with the ATHF voice packs. I'll have to peep the newer ones out when I get home from work tonight.


        Yeah, they were mine. Kind of a trial run. Didn't realise they would be so popular. And YES, those Mooninites quotes are in the mooninites pack! I just never got round to removing ad updating the first packs.

        Glad you maybe lost a frag because of my voicepack. That is after all the reason for these. I don't use them myself, but when everyone else is cracking up and unable to aim, I swoop in and make my kill.


          Well I finaly found the thread so players know they can download voice packs to the new ATHF models. However the links are dead so you will have to DL them somewhere else. I found all of them at, at the following links:

          Master Shake

          Enjoy. :up:


            nnnnnnnoooooooooooooo i cant get them it say the page cannot be displayed r the ones on the first page different for the one son the second page


              Oh My God, 8 months.