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    Name - DOM/CTF/BR-PD-Fortress2k4 (Perfect Fortress)

    Version - Version FINAL 1

    Compatibility - UT2004 patched to v3204, and ONS-Icarus required

    Description - This map is based on a map found in the Nintendo 64 game Perfect Dark. It's a multiplayer map in PD that's used for every multiplayer mode in the game, and I felt it would be the easiest to make for UT2004.

    Comments - Ok, here's my very first finished map for UT2k4 (and pretty much any game) that I'm releasing for people to hopefully enjoy. This map is very simple in its design, yet while testing it with both bots and other people, it seemed a lot of fun in terms of gameplay for all 3 game types. It doesn't have any flashy eyecandy-type details in it, but what's in there works. I'm saving the more flashy stuff for my next map, which I'll start on shortly. (I've been putting off playing to make this map )

    This is my first attempt at many things in the map, including the emitters and skybox. Being my first map, I'm sure I made a lot of mistakes, but I think it came out a lot better than I expected. The only thing that ISN'T finished is the real music that will be with the map. For now I have placeholder music from the original game. I will release this music as a sound when my friend finishes it.

    Finally, I'd just like to post a couple of the major gameplay differences between the 3 modes:
    • CTF and BR have 1 super weapon in them. DOM does not.
    • DOM has many more indicators as to where one should go for the game objectives.
    • It seems the bots play better in CTF than the other 2 modes, but that could've been my imagination.
    • The jump pads on the center circular catwalk go to different places in the DOM version compared to CTF/BR.

    Screenshots - (These screenshots are from the DOM version of the map)
    Other Screenshot 1
    Other Screenshot 2

    Credits - Rareware for making the game Perfect Dark and this map, Angel Mapper for her emitter tutorial, and all of the available online resources I used to learn how to do stuff (including the training modules on the DVD ), and of course Epic and everyone who made the maps with all the stuff I used from them! Also thanks to Naa (online friend of mine) who made the placeholder music for me until another one of my friends gets the real music completed!

    Homepage - I don't currently have a UT2004 website.

    Download - Download here!

    Thanks for reading, and I hope for some constructive feedback on my first map!


    WOW:up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:
    im dling NOW!! that looks cool


      Just a quick note about this map:

      The BR version has been added to at least one server (the [Ci] BR server), so if you'd like to play it, look it up on the server list and get people to vote! I've been getting mostly positive responses about it, as well as some suggestions. I'll think about if it really needs any improvements and possibly do something with the map at a later date!


        Nice map, not the same gameplace as the original though.

        But It's nice to see it, hope to see more Prefect Dark levels.

        BTW, Chaigo is my favorite song from PD, glad to hear it. :up:


          I like the looks of the 1st screenie...gonna dl to check it out..


            Just got finished playing your map, very cool map, love the music. A few things though. Firstly, it would be a good idea to remove the collision from the light fixtures outside the doors so it doesn't slow players down. Secondly, the bots seem to fall into the pit quite often, so you might want to fix that as well. Third, for your next map it would be a good idea not to have the song change. Make one ogg file for one song, makes for better atmosphere and feel. Last and most importantly did you get permission from Plutonic to use his files? I was wondering why the map didn't run, then I looked at the reedme and it said:

            DOM/CTF/BR-PD-Fortress2k4 ReadMe: "UT2004 patched to v3204, and ONS-Icarus required"

            If you did get permission just add the files you used to your zip, most people are lazy and won't take the time to try and fix the problem, and will delete your map of the bat. If you didn't get permission I would do that now, because the Icarus readme, reads as followed:

            ONS-Icarus ReadMe: "This level is copyright Chris Blundell, 2004
            Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. Custom Scripts, Static Meshes and Textures may not be used without authors permission."


              Ok, again thanks for the comments everyone about my map. Until further notice, I am going to remove the link to download this map pack and close the thread until I get a response from the creator of ONS-Icarus. The BR version of the map is still going to be run on the [Ci] Ogalthorpe BR server (if they'll keep it up there), but I'm not going to make this downloadable until I get confirmation on whether or not I can use the 1 static mesh from Icarus that is currently in the level.

              As for suggestions and feedback, here's my responses:

              In the next version when I can make this map pack downloadable, I've made the following changes:
              • Removed the collision in just about every light fixture. The lights outside of the doors on the lower level can now be moved through, and it should be a little easier to run through the tunnels.
              • In the CTF and BR versions, the jump pads now take you to different locations. This will hopefully slow the speed of the level down a wee bit, as well as make the corners and rooftops travelled some more.
              • Fixed one stupid health vial in the green and gold bases so that they're not under the floor.

              As for the changing music, it's stated in the text file (as well as thie first post in here) that the music right now is just placeholder music until my friend makes the actual remix that will go with this and future PD maps I recreate. I wanted to use different music so that people who remember playing Perfect Dark get some sort of feeling from the changing music while playing multiplayer.

              And the bots,'s my first bot pathing job. :/ What they try to do is jump too far around the corners or try to jump down to certain nodes for no reason at all that aren't even connected, and I have no idea how to fix it. I think it's due to the overall design of the map, so they're going to fall into the pit more than other maps (but I tried to remedy this by adding the square catwalk, which helped a lot).

              Thanks again for all the feedback, and hopefully I'll have this map pack available for download soon!