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ONS-Alien2(the day version)

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    ONS-Alien2(the day version)

    Description:cloudy, rainy map-laggy of course
    Comments:uh it's over(latest patch really ruin everything)
    and buffyts- you are really quick.
    Credits:Read me txt, please.


    OMG !

    I got your map now !!!
    promised screenshot


      It's pretty good, but the default node setup is WAY to complex and the marine voices playing are irritating. Especially if you're at home with your family, as they swear eithout any regard to the 'curse' setting in options.

      Also, try to provide actual screenshots for some of your maps, k?




          Awesome work you've done here Pashko.
          The ambiance is great (almost crapped my pants when there was shooting over the radio :haha: )

          However I think this map could be optimised a bit more.
          My fps drops to horrible rates at some points (and I can play maps like Tydal just fine) especially in the middle building. And if I go to rmode 1 it seems like there's an awful lot being rendered that isn't necessary.
          If you go down the tunnels for example a lot of the outside is still being rendered even when you're facing a wall up close.

          I can make a few screenshots if you want.



            Rock on. I've got it downloaded and I'll check it out this afternoon....


              Wooh-hoo!!! This map is FUN!!!

              You definately don't wanna be playing on open speakers in an open lab though. Marines ain't used to polite company.

              I love what you did with the reactor. You can drop in on unfriendly company with the Raptor. Right down the chimney! Love it...

              Criss-cross node linking on default makes for frenetic gameplay, even with bots. Pathing on bots seems good so far, but I haven't played a map yet without some weird glitch with the bots.

              All in all, I'd give this map a two thumbs up.


                Marine voices? Does the map talk to you or did you include a voice pack?


                  nice one:up: .

                  btw- where did you get those alien models from?



                    Originally posted by Mr_Caravaggio
                    Marine voices? Does the map talk to you or did you include a voice pack?
                    Imported sounds from the aliens films/games and then used as a trigger, nice touch:up:



                      Bug Report.

                      First Love the map. NO MAJOUR BUGS, BUT JUST A COUPLE.

                      1st- Manta goes into ground at top left corner of map.
                      2nd-Scorpian goes through bars at left middle powercore.

                      I'll show pictures if sum1 tells me how to.

                      When a monster came out in the central power node i was so shocked my head actualy hit the ceiling (low ceiling-tall guy) .



                        hot map, i love it
                        some ideas.
                        needs to be darker, more gloomy,
                        add some rain, and make the outside sandy ground darker and mudy

                        oh yea, there was an aliens marine sound voice pack for the old UT, should be around somewhere.


                          Your custom meshes need collision. When the vehicles are "parked" on the node platforms...they sink into the mesh. The same goes for getting killed over them...the corpses fall through.

                          I'm not sure what other meshes would need collision. Just make sure the ones that can be landed,walked, and killed on have it. :up:


                          Looks good!

                          My computer doesn't run it too well. If I have some time...i'll try to duscuss some optimizing things.



                            Yeah... I found that when I went exploring. Tres cool...

                            Agree with the collision bug.

                            As for performance... hard to tell. This is a pretty high end system and it is running flawlessly. Even at max settings and 1280x1024 @75 Hz. 32 bots gets a tad boggy when they cluster up, have Raptors in the and both Levi's blasting away at each other. Also running VaS on Fire and Weapons of Evil with the Super Beserk Mut.

                            It's a frag fest... ;-) Who the hell cares if your Manta's wings dip below the ground texture? Who's got time to notice?


                              Im gonna try it out later and will be back with any feedback on issues. I think you should have called this map LV-426. I believe that was the name of the planet. Giving it the aliens name is sorta cheesy imo.