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3 Custom Male Voicepacks [Final]

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    3 Custom Male Voicepacks [Final]

    Name: 3 Male Voicepacks
    Version: Final
    Compatibility:UT2004 - no patch needed
    Description: See below
    Screenshot: Nope - soundshot possibly
    Credits: Epic of course for the best game ever. Bruce Campbell for playing the best character in a film ever. Legend for making Unreal2. And others I'm probably forgetting.....
    Download: See below

    Well, I've finally managed to finish up a few of my voicepacks, and couldn't wait till I'd finished the rest to release them

    First, some important information:

    All three of these voices use a custom species class to provide access to custom pain and death sounds. Therefore, they will NOT work online in their default state. To counter Epic's stupid handling of species classes, I've added an additional entry to each of the character .upl files that uses a default species so that the voices can be used online if you wish. To do so, simply open the .upl file for the character and add a semi-colon ( ; ) to the beginning of the first entry, and remove it from the second entry. You can now select the netplay friendly version in the player settings menu as usual. If you don't play online, or simply don't want to use the characters online, then you can use the characters as they are without modification.

    Alternatively, if you want to use a completely different character with the voicepacks, you can simply select the custom voice of your choice in the player settings menu - the custom species will be ignored and the default species will be used instead.

    Ok, that's that out of the way To install the characters, simply extract the files from each zip (using folder names) directly to your UT2004 directory. If for some reason this doesn't work, place the files as follows:

    .u - System
    .int - System
    .upl - System
    .uax - Sounds
    .utx - Textures

    Firstly, we have my favourite character from more or less any film I've seen: Ash from Evil Dead 3 - Army of Darkness:

    Download Ash Voice Pack (5mb)

    Voicepack has 47 Taunts, 5 custom pain sounds and 8 custom (and extremely funny ) death sounds. All orders and other commands are taken care of by the default Merc Male voice. If you like comedy voice packs, download this now!

    Next we have another comedy voice pack in the shape of a merc male with a very robust sense of humour ("Ooooh! That's gonna leave a mark!".......):

    Download Comedy Merc Voicepack (3mb)

    Voicepack has 48 Taunts, 4 custom pain sounds and uses the default mercmale death sounds. Almost all commands and other orders are custom, with a few minor exceptions. He also has custom Friendly Fire sounds.

    And lastly for the moment, we have a voice pack using the unreal 2 marine sounds as a base:

    Download Unreal 2 Marine Voice Pack (3mb)

    Again, voicepack has 48 taunts, 8 custom pain sounds and 8 custom death sounds, 6 custom friendly fires sounds, and uses the default mercmale for other commands and sounds.

    To play as the characters I've created to go with these voice packs, just choose them in the player settings menu (you can filter the selection down to just the voicepack characters using the Filter dropdown box). They can also be added as bots in the usual way. Or as I said above, you can use a different character and simply choose my voicepacks from the menu (but you won't get the kickass pain and death sounds like that )

    That's your lot for the time being, hope you enjoy them as much as I do

    can other poeple hear the custom voicepacks or do they need the voicepacks to hear them?


      Originally posted by ChaosWolfs
      can other poeple hear the custom voicepacks or do they need the voicepacks to hear them?
      they need them too
      or add it to the server so when others connect it will be downloaded to their pc's


        None of those links work for me.


          i just downloaded the two Merc packs and at 300++ speed, no problem,... looking forward to taking a listen


            Originally posted by digital ******
            None of those links work for me.
            me neither :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


              don't work for me aswell


                Me either:cry:


                  Hmmm....Give a more detailed decription, is this voicepack simply for taunts and fun or would you say it provides a more realistic feel? All those taunts seem a bit uneeded. Heres what im extremly curoius about: How did u edit the pain sounds??? Ive been trying to do that but not sure how. Im about to start fixing up my MOHAA voicepack. Its a 5 in 1 pack. So yeah, could you tell me how to edit pain sounds? I wanna change the male, robot, and skaarj pain and death sounds. Thatll be very great if you could help. (>^_^)>


                    still can't download:cry:


                      Originally posted by mbProZak
                      still can't download:cry: